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Hip Hop
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Turkish Delight - - Output - Stereo Out.mp3
Jazz : Jazz General
A song written with an odd time signature
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One Little Duckling.mp3
Jazz : Smooth Jazz
A song about one little duckling
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What Happened to Retsbew.mp3
Jazz : Jazz General
A mellow song about a great sax player
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You really Got A Hold On Me.mp3
Country : Cover Songs
A bluegrass cover of the classic Smokey Robinson song (also played by the Beatles).
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Instrumentals : Rock
A little dittie in A Minor
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Drifting Down the River.mp3
World : New Age
New Age Spacey Dreamy music
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I Want.mp3
Electronic : Industrial
An industrial electronic piece I did based on a beat provided by Beat Master Noble.
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I Wonder If There is A Peace Missing.mp3
Classical : Symphonic
A nice little piece with a repeating melody with different timings, in different keys played by different instruments.
A SoundClick Top 50 song
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Well on Wednesday - - Output - Stereo Out.mp3
Jazz : Modern Jazz
A song I wrote when I was feeling better (after a cold) on a Wednesday
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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In An English Garden - - Output - Stereo Out.mp3
Classical : Ensembles
A short little song with a classical feel
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In a country of Dispassion - - Output - Stereo Ou
Jazz : Jazz General
The is my first song on Soundclick. This is a mixdown of a song on which I am working. I have all of the pieces and I can separate it into different instruments. I can take anything out. Just ask.