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Composed and vocally produced by Wayne Pascall. May it be a blessing to you 'like rain' from above. Composed and vocally produced by Wayne Pascall, Copyright July, 2011
Wayne Pascall is an artist who produces gospel music in the style of contemporary acappella under the artist name "Wayne Pascall Acappella." In short, he is a ONE MAN VOCAL ORCHESTRA, using his voice and mouth to produce all the music heard. Some of his songs can have as many as 80 tracks of layered harmonies, vocal percussions, body percussions, sound effects and syncopated chants.

Wayne is naturally gifted as bass singer. He uses his voice for bass grooves, bass beats, low undertones and falsetto parts in harmonies that range up to 4 octaves.

While some of his songs are composed straight from God's Word, others are adaptations of popular inspirational and secular songs. While providing some elements of entertainment, the main purpose of his music is to minister unto others in the form of artistic expression while bringing glory to Almighty God.

Why this name?
My bandname is tied to my birthname
Do you play live?
Although at one time I did live performances as a bass singer for acappella groups, currently I do not.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its a great tool for independent musicians to effectively distribute their music, gain exposure and bless the lives of others. It transcends geographical limitations.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if its a win/win deal for the record label, the artist and the public.
Band History:
My earliest memories of my musical abilities begin with my fascination and unusual skill at playing the harmonica from age 7. I first developed a love for harmony from hearing one of my elementary school teachers sing during our morning devotions. Her voice was a crystal clear soprano that sometimes improvised into blending alto notes. This schoolteacher's ringing harmonious voice inspired my young heart to want to sing harmony. These influences together with my involvement in the church choir from age 14, fueled my deep appreciation for Christian music. As a young teenager, I sang tenor in the church choir. When my voice changed, I switched to a bass singer. I have sung bass for several acappella groups including "Gospel Harmony", "Inspiration", and Voice". I have also sung bass for several recording and singing projects.

Though I have been writing and producing my own songs since 1986, I began publishing my music on The Internet as a solo artist in 2001. I have a background in singing, ministry, leading the church choir and teaching music theory.

Your influences?
My inspiration comes from The Holy Bible, life's experiences, my ideas and just a passion for music. I also get musical inspiration from a combination of artists, both secular and religious. I learn from listening to everyone, from the early classical creations of Strauss and Beethoven to our modern music. The secular artists who have influenced my music include Bob Marley, The Beatles, Louis Arnstrong, The Mighty Sparrow (For Calypso), and good Pop music form the 80's. Religious artists who have influenced my music include: Take 6, Acappella, Fairfiled Four, Kirk Franklin. My mother has been a significant inspiration to me, who always had a song in her heart and lips.

In short, though my influences for singing acappella came from artists like Bobby McFerrin, Rockapella, The Nylons, Acappella, Fairfield Four and Take 6 just to name a few, I have developed my own style through the years.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere with a beautiful sunset against the ocean.
Equipment used:
THE HUMAN VOICE - For harmonies
THE HUMAN ANATOMY - For percussion sounds such as clapping, finger-snapping, beatbox sounds and vocal percussions.
MICs - AKG C5900 (For Bass Vocals), SHURE BETA 87A (For Lead & Harmony Vocals)
MIXERS & EFFECTS - Alto Mixer, Nady Mixer, Zoom multieffects unit, Korg Kaoss Pad
SOFTWARE - Acid, Sound Forge and dozens of plug-ins
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