NEWS   Was sorry to see MP3.com go... but sure glad to be here on Soundclick! Hope to be writing some new material in the year to come.
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play hi-fi  Look To The Sky
play hi-fi  Adrift
play hi-fi  Ordinary Life
=D=I=C=H=O=T=O=M=Y= explores the fringes of
modern ProgRock and hard rock. Introspective,
sometimes dark and heavy, thoughtful and moody.
Why this name?
Life is a dichotomy of black and white, good and
evil, fair and unfair, life and death, beautiful
and grotesque, emptiness and fullness, joy and sadness.
Do you play live?
=D=I=C=H=O=T=O=M=Y= is a studio only entity at this time.
Band History:
=D=I=C=H=O=T=O=M=Y= was started in 1997. It is one expression of 30+ years of playing music.
Your influences?
Fates Warning - Dream Theater - Rush - Tiles - Kansas - Kerry Livgren