Because Of You
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Because Of You by WORLD5, Album Heartbeat Of The World, released on Spectra Music Group.
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play hi-fi  All My Heart
play hi-fi  The Morning Light
play hi-fi  You And I
play hi-fi  Bring Your Heart Home
play hi-fi  The Line
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play hi-fi  You And I (acoustic)
World5 is all about music and a long lasting friendship from around the world.....literally.
Meaning......they live in five different countries on 3 continents bringing unique prespectives and influences to the creation of their songs.
Why this name?
As you see in the intro we are 5 artists who live in 5 different locations around the world. Hence the name...World5
Do you play live?
Not at the moment. We all love playing live but right now we have our hands full. We just released the single "You And I" and we are doing the finishing touches on the rest of our upcoming album "Global Experience" which will be released in Spring 2012.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Absolutely. For us the internet makes our band possible. Considering our separate locations around the world we could not have recorded or put our music out without the internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would have to be a really really really good contract! :-)
Band History:
We are all old friends and band mates that worked together at different times. We had been working on a project together before World5, realized we had material that we liked and decided to record as a Band.
Your influences?
Sting, Genesis, Bach, Beatles,
Favorite spot?
Lets see we have five of them: San Diego, San Francisco, Gothenburg, Munich, Wellington.
I think we all like to go to the beach once in a while. That is easier for some of us than others.
Cover Album Heartbeat Of The world
Cover Album Global Experience
Joe Gavito - electric guitars
Jimmy Olsson: bass - WORLD5
Steffen Goeres - guitars, trumpet
Raimund Breitfeld -drums
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