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K.I. (Official)
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K.I. has gone by many nicknames, and been involved in the groups Cemetery Click, High Rhymez, and Pius Deception. He has worked with a few indie labels in the past; Underground Martyr Records with SirT (R.I.P.), and Brain Damage Records owned by the group Corpse Circus.

Early 2011, he started Kicknit Entertainment. Later that year, he got some of the undergrounds best up-and-comers featured on the mixtape "Apocalyptic Mixx: Volume 2". In January 2012, he released his first solo EP, "Ruff Draft". He is currently working on a full length album, due out mid 2012.
Why this name?
It was kind of picked by my friends. I was looking for a name that I could use permanently and something that represents me and what I do. They came up with Kickin' It, so I shortened it to K.I. and named my indie rap label Kicknit Entertainment. Soon after picking the name, I got it tattooed on my right arm, which looks kind of like a sports team logo.
Do you play live?
So far i've only done a couple open mic nights at various bars. I'm always looking to play bigger venues and work with fellow local artists.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
With Itunes and Amazon and all of these sources to distribute music nowadays, Its alot easier for independent artists to sell their music. On the flipside, it's a lot harder to get noticed when the market is being flooded by so many rappers.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would definitely sign a distribution deal, but I don't think i'd want the pressure of having to deal with a major label.
Your influences?
It was pretty much listening to underground artists like Kottonmouth Kings and Twiztid that inspired me to try making my own music at a young age. As I started listening to a wider variety of rap, dubstep, and metal, I used the parts of various genres I like in my music.
Favorite spot?
The 603 area.
Anything else...?
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Every Project i've ever worked on is now available for free download!

Cemetary Click "Vita Itaque Mortis" (2009)
Genre: Horrorcore

Apocalyptic Mixx Volume 1 (2009)
Hosted by Cemetary Click
Genre: Various/Horrorcore

Pius Deception "Demogorgon" (2010)
Genre: Black/Death Metal

High Rhymez "The Free EP" (2010)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Apocalyptic Mixx Volume 2 (2011)
Hosted by K.I.
Genre: Various/Hip-Hop/Horrorcore

The Old sh*** (2006-2008)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Horrorcore

K.I. "Ruff Draft" EP
Genre: Hip-Hop/Experimental

The first solo EP by K.I.