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"Born in 1982 in Vienna, singer, songwriter and guitarist Clemens P. Raffett discovered his love of rock music at a very early age and began playing guitar at 10 years old, molded by the passion throughout his family for the music of the Rolling Stones.
Over time he developed his musical interests into a mixture of rock, blues and country music, fully in keeping with his major influences Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and of course the Rolling Stones.
Guitar-laden rock songs punctuated by raspy vocals reminiscent of Bryan Adams, bluesy melodies with meaningful lyrics, pop-style acoustic rock songs, multi-voice choruses and melodic country ballads featuring pedal steel guitars – all of these elements can be found in the diverse and high-quality program of Clemens P. Raffett. Melodic songs in the vein of great songwriters – a musical highlight that is not to be missed."
Band History:
Clemens P. Raffett started performing several acoustic gigs in small venues in Vienna and Lower Austria.

Clemens P. Raffett and Andreas Ambler founded the idea of their coverband Mindquake - at first, playing several gigs just as an “Acoustic-Duo”. But as time went by, the two of them developed many contacts with both Austrian and foreign artists who have supported them both on and off the stage.

2003 - 2006:
Mindquake and their changing band-members had been playing lots of different venues and festivals, but also continued to perform as the "Acoustic-Duo" in Vienna and Lower Austria. The bands playlist included classic hits and fine songs from different genres like rock, pop, blues, country, folk, country rock and hard rock. they performed songs from well-known artists and always presented different guests on stage.

Clemens continuely started working on original material and playing some solo acoustic gigs with a good mix of coversongs and his original songs.

2007 – 2009:
Clemens was forced to take a long timeout from performing live-gigs because of serious vocal problems suffering from a chronic laryngitis. He took the chance to start writing lots of original material. After long therapy and vocal trainings he is finally ready to get back on stage again.

Together with Harry Fischer, a good friend and a brilliant musician, Clemens started working on his first solo album, which should be released in 2011!

Clemens recorded the first single "One Night Stand" and started working on a new rock-covers project called "The Cap".

In January CPR recorded his debut album with great musicians in Vienna. In July CPR signed with EMG and "Highway One" was released in October!
Your influences?
Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, John Fogerty
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