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Jess J Beatz
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play hi-fi  Fresha
play hi-fi  Game 2
play hi-fi  Swagged Out
play hi-fi  J&S
play hi-fi  Choppers On Deck
play hi-fi  So Fresh
play hi-fi  Confused
play hi-fi  All or Nothin
play hi-fi  The Squad
play hi-fi  Mama What It Is

Jess J Productions is a paypal verified and ASCAP certified company. We have been selling industry quality beats on-line since 2004. Jess J Productions have made sales to artists all over the world, including the United States, Europe & Asia. Hundreds of satisfied clients have purchased exclusive & non-exclusive beats from Jess J Productions. So you can be certain that dealing with us is safe, secure, and professional. If you are new to buying beats on-line or have any questions, feel free to send us an email to jessjbeatz@gmail.com.


LEASING RIGHTS (non-exclusive license) $25.00

For only $25.00, you can license one of our beats non-exclusively, record your vocals over the beat and sell your recording for profit.

Purchasing Leasing Rights to a beat entitles you to the following:

• Sell up to 1,000 copies of your CD and/or internet downloads.
• Radio broadcast rights for radio play on 3 radio stations.
• Profitable performance rights for up to $2,000 personal profit (live shows, concerts).
• Unlimited non-commercial, non-profit use and non-profit performance rights.
• Pay us NO royalties! You keep all your profit.

How do I actually buy a beat?

When you decide what beat you want to buy, go to Pay Pal (www.paypal.com) and send your payment to dbbsent2@gmail.com. From the payment page, type in the name of the beat(s) you’re purchasing as a note with your payment. You can pay with a Credit Card (no PayPal account required) or log in to your PayPal account and pay with PayPal funds. Once payment is received and cleared, you will receive an e-mail with a download link to the full mixed version of the beat in .wav data format and each separate part of the beat tracked out in .wav data format (EXCLUSIVE license). We will also mail you an official signed and dated paper contract granting you rights to the beat (EXCLUSIVE license).

Note: A PayPal account is not required for credit card purchases.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card or a PayPal account?

Contact us at jessjbeatz@gmail.com and let us know you would like to mail in a payment. Acceptable mail payments: Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal/Business Check (Allow 1 week for Check to clear), Western Union ($300+ orders only).

What if someone buys the Exclusive Rights to a beat I already leased?

Your Leasing contract remains intact even after Exclusive Rights are sold to someone else later on, as long as the Leasing Rights were purchased beforehand.

Does my Leasing Rights ever run out or expire?

Yes. Your leasing rights expire three (3) years after purchasing the beat.


Once you’ve purchased a beat and your payment has cleared, you will receive an e-mail with a download link to the full mixed version of the beat in .wav format. If you purchased an exclusive license you will also receive each part of the beat tracked out in .wav format (as loops). We will also mail you an official signed and dated paper contract granting you rights to the beat. Free WinRAR software is required for opening the beat files.


EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS (exclusive license) $150-$500

With Exclusive Rights you will be able to use the beat for all profitable, commercial purposes without any limitations (except re-selling the beat).

Purchasing Exclusive Rights to a beat entitles you to the following:

• Sell unlimited copies of your product through unlimited mediums.
• Unlimited radio broadcast rights.
• Unlimited for-profit and non-profit performance rights.
• Beat will no longer be sold or offered for download and will be removed from our site.
• Receive the tracked out, high quality .wav files for optimal mixing/mastering.
• ASCAP Registered Artist/Composer, So Please Make Sure I Get All Royalties and Publishing Due

CUSTOM BEATS (exclusive license) $500+

Need a beat made just for you? We can handle that. Your Custom Beat will never be released on our website, never heard by anyone else, and never sold or licensed to another person; you and only you will own full exclusive rights to your Custom Beat. We will work with you personally to make the beat just the way you want it until you are completely satisfied. Prices will depend on the complexity of the track and how long it takes to come up with the final accepted version but pricing starts at $500 per Custom Beat for independent and unsigned artists.


PayPal.com - All purchases for Leasing and Exclusive Rights are done through PayPal, all major credit cards are accepted. My PayPal email to send money to is dbbsent2@gmail.com.

If you do not have a PayPal account or Credit Card, we also accept:

Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal/Business Check (Allow 1 week for check to clear), Western Union ($300+ orders only). To mail in your payment please contact us at jessjbeatz@gmail.com.

Equipment used:
Pro Tools, Mac I5, Waves Mercury, Waves Diamond Bundle, AKG C-414, Roland - Fantom X, Yamaha - Motif, FL Studio 9, & Reason 6.0
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