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Humboldt Countys Local Artists
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play hi-fi  00 - HCLA INTRO
play hi-fi  01 - No Money What We Gonna Do Now?
play hi-fi  02 - At The Auditions -
play hi-fi  05 - Cancel Christmas - Big Droop & Looney
play hi-fi  03 - Sirens Call
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play hi-fi  06 - Rudolph 'da Hustlin' Reindeer
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play hi-fi  HCLAs OutTro & BONUSBomb Bloopers
H.UMBOLDT C.OUNTY'S L.OCAL ARTISTS is an organization of artists in Humboldt County getting together to promote and produce local art for arts sake.

This is our 2nd annual XMas CD.

HCLA presents...

It's a comedy CD displaying all the talented artists in the Humboldt County area.

The Full CD has a story to it so don't miss any of the trax if you wanna get the whole story.

It'll have you ROFL and LYAO with raw comedy and review.
Check it out if your in for some great music and laughs!!!
Why this name?
HCLA's name basicasically explains itself.

The list of Artists on the MUSIC CD 2 follows:


Misty - Eureka,CA
The Snowballers - Eureka,CA
Big Droop - Eureka,CA
Looney - Eureka,CA
Crazy J - Eureka,CA
Yung Kali - Arcata,CA
Sicc Fucc - Kansas City,Missouri
KIMX - Eureka,CA


Amy Holland - Eureka,CA
Jamaica Bartz - Eureka,CA
Robbie Wildman - Eureka,CA
Jerome Wildman - Eureka,CA
Scott Campbell - Eureka,CA
Josh Ballsley - Eureka,CA
Jarae Mayberry - Kansas City,MO
John Paul James - Eureka,CA
Chris Cross - Arcata,CA
Caroline Hulse - Eureka,CA

Graphix Design by Pink A Boo Design & Melinda Morales - Eureka,CA
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes each individual artist currently signed with KMX Production Studios
Band History:
History~Last year 2003 was our first year in the making. We released a Christmas Album of popular Christmas Classics to thank the people of Humboldt. This year we decided to be a bit more creative and we plan on releasing one every year after.
Your influences?
Afroman, Adam Sandler, Jerky Boys etc...
Favorite spot?
Humboldt County
Anything else...?
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Anna Marisela Rooney
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