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Heart Of A Lion
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NEWS   news on soft pillow kisses:

2004 - we might go to the studio to record an albums worth of songs
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play hi-fi  i don't know what to say
play hi-fi  i was right
play hi-fi  harsh words
play hi-fi  stolen flowers
play hi-fi  candy bar
Soft Pillow Kisses Personnel:
Luie -vocals; Allan - guitars and vocals; Lara- bass; Charles - guitars;
John Paul - drums

Soft Pillow Kisses is just another band who's yet to be heard by ears who yearns for music
that oozes with beauty, grace, sophistication and little doses of danger and chaos... a must hear if you truly care.

Melodic music, girl-boy vocals, easy-listening type but would oftentimes incorporate noise in some parts of their songs, emphasis on breathy vocals, jangly guitars and feel-good harmonies. Basically, soft pillow kisses is a combination of everything good that's been happening in the "indie" music scene (world wide) for the past few years.
Why this name?
actually, i thought of the name while listening to a Rocketship song... there's a line there that sounded like "soft pillow kisses"
Do you play live?
yes we do play live in any possible place...
we really like playing live and each time we do, it always turns out special... har har
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
here in the philippines it doesn't really affect the so-called music industry since its already crap long before mp3s (internet) became an instrument to letting others hear your stuff
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yup, in our own terms only, other than that, we'll stay independent...
Band History:
Starting out in the 3rd quarter of '99 as candyaudioline after two members of candyaudioline (Cheng and Obie) decided to quit to persue their studies. They were able to play one gig as candyaudioline but not long after the two outgoing members decided to return. Not wanting to let go of his two new recruits, Allan decided to hold on to the line-up but under a different guise. At first,the two bands were being confused with one another because of the similarities of the members but it not take long after the difference became evident with the acquisition of AJ (also a former candyaudioline member) and Gilbert (of Aspirin and Superminty) plus the fact that they were shifting into a more popish, lounge-bossanova type of music. They recorded a 5-song cassette ep titled, "As you whisper in my ear" which was released in Cebu during the bands summer gig with fellow indie bands Sonnet 58 and Soda Jerk in the middle of the year 2000.

To date, Soft Pillow Kisses is composed of Luie, Allan, Lara, Charles and John Paul. They recorded 2 tracks for a local "indie" compilation one song of which - "It Will Never Last (Forever)" - have been receiving positive raves both here and in some parts of the globe. They were suppose to release a CD via foreign "ïndie" label Shelflife records, composed of 8 songs in the near future but has decided not to push thru.
Your influences?
Heavily influenced by "Ecstasy and Wine" era My Bloody Valentine. soft pillow kisses listens to loads of "indie" bands like Club 8, the Arrogants, Skypark, the Autocollants and Rocketship.

Favorite spot?
any rehearsal studio will do...