Jerry Flattum
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play hi-fi  My Little Girl (w Tim Thompson)
play hi-fi  Best Place Around (w Stephen Sea)
play hi-fi  Jugglers (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Crack'a Ma' Back (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Don't Forget About A Billion Stars(Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin') (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Longest Love Song (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Frozen In Time (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Im Desperate (Pre-Production)
play hi-fi  Destination Love (Pre-Production)
Hey everybody! I'm Jerry Flattum, Performer/Songwriter.

The recordings you are listening to are in Pre-Production, a fancier way of saying "demo." I'm currently working on getting up the financing to re-record and master several recordings in preparation for commercial release.

Nothing drives me nuts more than knowing how these tunes will sound with new arrangements and a top notch mix/master. There's alot of color missing from the current recordings, but most of all guitar and backup vocals. Live drums and new keyboard samples will really bring the arrangement to life too.

Two of the songs feature "hired guns" (session players). Tim Thompson did the guitar and mix on "My Little Girl," a Country/Rock ballad. Thompson is a finger style champion and when he let's loose on uptempo rockers he rivals the best pickers I've ever heard.

Stephen Sea knocked out his own arrangement of "Best Place Around" and topped it off with some amazing guitar work.

Virtual instruments and sampling technology will be heavily used in the new recordings.

Once the recordings are finished, with sufficient financing and backing, I'm planning a global tour with a stage show that includes dancers, acting, stage design, lighting and costuming.

Why this name?
If I don't put together a band with its own name, I would still like to change my name. Chances are when I go out on tour I'll be backed by session players. If the players stick with me, I'll consider forming a band.
Do you play live?
I've played in coverbands throughout the New York metro region, Twin Cities and on-the-road, mostly in the Midwest with jaunts to to Alabama and New Orleans.

Outside of hired gun work, I've been in 3 primary coverbands. The first was a duo with my former X-wife playing over an 8 year period throughout the New York metro area, ie., upstate New York (along the Hudson River), Rockland County, Long Island and parts of New Jersey.

Sid Bernstein became our business manager circa 1989 and we came close to being signed by Chrysalis Records.

In the 90s I played with HITZ, a show band playing throughout the Midwest. We were on the road every week. Some shows were considered events and included autograph signings. We played State and County fairs, and the largest crowds were for conventions in Alabama and New Orleans. Estimated size of the crowds ranged from 2000-4000.

Jonah and the Whales played exclusively within the Twin Cities. We played every weekend and were well paid for a coverband (HITZ also paid well). The band had a considerable following and the musicianship was excellent.

Outside of a string of solo performances, I haven't performed since 2000.

In Las Vegas, I worked as a freelance writer covering the film scene and the Strip. I was hired to write my first screenplay. I did alot of writing and "pre-production" recording.

In Florida I put together a Pro Tools-based home studio and began work with the 2 session players out of Nashville and LA. Because of a tragedy in the family, the recording project was halted.

I'm now pursuing ways to finance the recordings and finish what I started in 2007.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mp3 has revolutionized the industry and generated what I characterize as the Indie vs. Major War. Independent artists now have considerable opportunity from creation to distribution without being signed to a major label. However, it takes a "machine" to build a star.

There are new developments that haven't even gripped the industry yet like cloud computing and social media influence. Audiences are still unaware of what "virtual instruments" are and they've become quite sophisticated in the last few years.

Sites like Spotify, ReverbNation, SoundClick, SoundCloud and tons of other mp3 upload sites are radically changing old school business models. From the licensing of production music for new media to to how music is marketed and distributed, it's a chaotic scramble for both signed and unsigned artists to figure out how to make money online.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Although I am officially an Indie artist, without venture capital level financing, it's impossible for an Indie artist to build audiences, popularity and ultimately become a star without major music company backing.

And now that LiveNation has recently signed a deal with Universal Music, the major entertainment conglomerates are becoming even more powerful.
Band History:
See above
Your influences?
My influence is extensive, from classic rock and the blues to musical theater, the 80s, Latin and African, and most recently World music.
Favorite spot?
As of Sept. 2011 I'm headed for Santa Monica and believe this is where I will make my permanent home. I've never owned a house and have lived at poverty level all my life. So I'm looking forward to owning my own home, preferably a ranch/farm for all my animals.
Equipment used:
The current recordings, which I refer to as "pre-production," were recorded on a 24-track sequencer onboard the Ensoniq VFX SD1, then transferred to Pro Tools where I added lead vocals.

Pro Tools remains the heart of my home studio with an extensive array of virtual instruments and sampling libraries. I use multiple keyboards.

Sadly, I recently had to sell off my home studio because of a tragedy in the family. I lost my father, my home, my financing, and recently my studio in the name of survival. Ironically, I have a song called, "Survival."
Anything else...?
It's taken me many years to achieve my dreams of stardom. Not once did I ever stop believing in my music or myself as a performer/songwriter. I believe I have more than one hit song and with the right financing and backing have the potential to achieve stardom.

I don't really see myself fitting within the current Alt Rock and/or Pop, Dance, R&B and Rap scene. My influences are extensive and when I go on tour, my show will be more on the lines of theatrical rather than concert.

Because of my age, if I'm successful, I have the potential to open up an entirely new market within the music industry, a market that is long overdue. Teenagers are not the only music fans.

The Digital Age has changed the rules, allowing a variety of unsigned artists and bands the opportunity to bring their music to a global audience, opportunities that were never available in the analog world.

I've dedicated my life to music and in spite of my mistakes and failures, I can only hope that my music and talent will in some small way help to make this world a better place.
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