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Haywood The Go Man presents 'LIL MAN' produced by Sean Ross. Shot & Edit by Brotherhood Visuals
Gummy Beatz
Sorry Not Sorry (Young Thug Type)
Beats General
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play hi-fi  FIRST FOURSTRUCT (instrumental)
play hi-fi  HE KNOWS (instrumental)
play hi-fi  ROSS ROB BUB (instrumental)
play hi-fi  MONSTER (instrumental)
play hi-fi  NUTTZ (instrumental)
play hi-fi  ROSS BAXTER (instrumental)
play hi-fi  ROSS CIARA 11 (instrumental)
play hi-fi  2 IN THE MORNING (Haywood The Go Man, Young Pratt)
play hi-fi  BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS (Haywood The Go Man, J Stunt)
play hi-fi  SIPPIN ON BO (Haywood The Go Man, Masta Steele)



Why this name?
Our name was chosen because we work with many musical artists of different genres. Therefore, with so many different styles of music and artists, we have a collection of versatile creative producers and artists who are all on the same page about wanting people to hear us and to use us to help them create their own. So we have a collection of groups that create good music.
Do you play live?
I used to rap live in downtown San Jose, CA and it was one of my most exciting experiences. So I'm trying to give others the opportunity to experience the same type of feeling that I felt.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet makes it easier for the consumer to buy or download any one track off of any album they please making it harder for the industry to produce singles and albums to actually make a profit. So now the industry had to find a way to make money off of downloads instead of only putting albums in stores because it was what the public wanted.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No because the unity and the chemistry I have with everybody in my circle to create real music is priceless.
Band History:
I am a direct representative of COLLECTIVEMUSICGROUP which is a production company created by CEO, Sean Ross, who has produced music for AP-9 of the Mobb Figaz, The Gov from The Bay Area, Haywood the Go Man, PMG Boys from Dallas, Totally Insane, Money Marcc of Neva Legal, Conflikto from El Savadoria, Jacka of the Mobb Figaz, Messy, and more. Also lyrical sensations, Troublez and J Stunt! We strive for perfection in our production and to create music with unforgettable, ear grabbing beats. Even though music is our passion, it's not all we have to offer. We also produce music videos, graphic design, photography, multimedia, promoting events, CD distribution,CD pressing, and much more. Basically, if you need production in any type musical or entertainment agendas we have all the ingredients and the heart to make the most out of your project and that alone will help develop you as well. We support the music of new artists as well as old and we treat all projects with the same intensity that we produce our music. The beats produced by Sean Ross will knock you off your feet so I encourage you to check us out and please don't hesitate to give us your feedback because your feedback will help COLLECTIVEMUSICGROUP give you exactly what you want.
Your influences?
I was actually influenced to create music from when music was not sounding as real or as good as it used to. So I thought since I was getting frustrated with mainstream music at the time, I was inspired to create something that gave me the feeling I had when music first grabbed my ears.
Favorite spot?
My favorite spot is easily the Bay Area. I love the diversity and the hearts of people in The Bay even though it does get crazy in The Bay.
2 A.M.
CEO of CMG Sean Ross
Graphic Design by James Terata
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