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play hi-fi  Acre Road
play hi-fi  BellaCoola
play hi-fi  Normal Behaviour
play hi-fi  All that Jass
play hi-fi  Highway 17
play hi-fi  YellowheadHigh
play hi-fi  RunningIntoJasper
play hi-fi  The Two Jordans
play hi-fi  ClearCutSaw
play hi-fi  Victoria's
These songs are mostly loop based, with me on bass sometime. I am working toward convention, but tend to stray outside once in a while. Thank you for your kind support by listening to my work. Please feel free to mail me any comments that will help me to get better at what I am attempting to do with loops. If you would like to purchase a CD email me and we can make arrangements.
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Oh yeah... This is my Dog. He was the best damn dog there is... His name?? "Itsabear"
Wayne Dupuis
Recording in Victoria,BC,Canada
Why this name?
I worked in Sonar Producer Edition way back when it came out.
Do you play live?
Yes I have played all over Vancouver Island with my band "Stretch", and am currently looking at other projects.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe artists will start to include advertising on their cd's, thus cutting out the middle man, and having to pay for their own tour, and recording. It also has created an industry that will not put a band on tour for 20 years. Kids want the next best thing now and... now.... and now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not really. I'm doing what I want to with sound Indie support. Slow going but busy. Hopefully more in the New Year, with a lot of hard work. Take Care
Same // 2006
Band History:
Years of loadin into the back of a dusty old Ford truck.
Fave band vehicle.... 66 Biscayne Wagon with 3 on the tree. Straight 6.
Many many miles of gigging with Doug Dupuis, Al Vaillancourt, Kenny Rundle, Smokey Mathieu...

A Long long time ago. I can still remember when that music used to make me smile.
And I remember when...
Your influences?
Frank Zappa, Miles, Thelonious, Anything MoTown, Steppenwolf for good measure.
Favorite spot?
Fort William Quebec. 50 miles of white sand beach
Equipment used:
Vsampler,Sonar Producer Edition. Crystal synth. Synth1, Edirol pcr33, loops, time,time,time,fix fix fix : OK its done.
Fender/Trace/Ovation acoustic basses.
Anything else...?
I love my bass a lot.
Have a look. Please leave comments. Thank you
If you like these tunes let me know.
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