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Welcome to the official Soundclick page of Kobrah Beatz. This is the production company of the Hip Hop artist Kobrah. From original to sampled beats we have the production to suit any artistic mood you are in!

To learn more about Kobrah please visit the home website:


I do two kinds of licensing: Leasing or Exclusive. In reality there are over a dozen ways that you can license a beat but for the sake of both of our sanity I keep it simple: You either want to lease the beat for now, or you want to own it forever (or if the agreement is broken). Leasing is an affordable way to get an untagged version of the beat in question, but limits your powers of use to nonprofit pursuits such as mixtapes.
Now if you are taking your career more seriously, then the Exclusive option is right for you. Though the Exclusive rights option does not cancel any leases granted prior to an Exclusive right being sold, it does prevent future sales of the beat under any license from that day forth. The beat will be listed as sold. But please be aware this only grants you the exclusive right to use this beat for any commercial or noncommercial pursuits such as distribution, movie synchronization, etc. An agreement outlining expectations of any finance and usage matters will be provided. Also be aware that you are NOT allowed to resell the beat for ANY reason. If you wish to transfer the rights over to someone else you must contact me prior to doing so. This saves both you and I much heartache and stress and makes the process smoother and protects your interests as well as mines.


If you are ready to purchase your beat there are two ways you can do this:
1) For the beat currently playing in the media player, click on the proper license you wish to obtain below the player. When you click on the link the license for the beat playing will be added to your cart. To return to the regular screen to continue shopping just click outside of the cart area of the screen and it will go away, returning you to the page you are currently on

2) Click on the shopping cart button on the lower right corner of the screen. This will open an alternate version of the page, but there is a twist. Each beat located in the lower listings on the soundclick page can be checked out individually by selecting the desired license in the corresponding beat's box. You can also use the links provided below the media player and on the individual track listed in the media player itself

Through this channel you have the option to MAKE ME AN OFFER! What does that mean for you? Well if you disagree on the price of the beat you want, you can make me an offer on how much you are willing to pay for that particular license! Just click the "Make Me An Offer" button and enter how much you would like to pay and for which license that payment will apply to. But be warned: I DO POSES THE FINAL SAY IN TERMS OF THE PRICE! So I can say yes to the offer, or I can say no. But it doesn't hurt to try right?


Found the beats you wanted and are ready to check them out? Before checking out you are shown the name of the beat you are buying, the price, the licensing terms, AND what media you will receive the file as (MP3, WAV, Tracked-out session, etc.). Please note that trackout deliveries are only made when you purchase the Exclusive Rights option.

Noticed that some beats have the word "discount" stamped across the picture? Well this is pretty self explanatory. The beat is offered at the discounted price. It could be half could even be 75% off! But please take note that trackout files are not available for some of these beats. You will know upon checkout whether or not that beat has a trackout delivery.

So you want something to call your own? No problem! Just contact me via email and we can begin working!

A discount program is currently being implemented but will take a bit of time. If you plan on making mulltiple purchases please email me for discount offers:

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Why this name?
My friend "Lyric-A-Capella" gave me the name "Kobrah" when we were in junior high school, however I change the way it was spelled. At the time I was winning written verse battles so much that the only thing he could think to say was that I "spit venom"...As far as the production side of my business I just added "Beatz" just to keep it fairly simple and straight to the point.
Do you play live?
Yes I do perform live! There are no particular moments that stand out because I try and make every performance one to experience!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet makes it easier to obtain your favorite songs without having to search far and wide for them, also it is limitless in supply until you decided to make it unavailable.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe. It depends where i am in my career.
Your influences?
Kanye West, Timbaland, The Neptunes
Favorite spot?
Pittsburgh, of course!
Equipment used:
Pro Tools
M-Audio Interface & Monitors
Primacoustic Filter
Reason 5
FL Studio XXL Producer's Edition
Cubase 5
Cool Edit Pro
MP3 Tagger
Anything else...?
Yeah...GET AT ME!
Kobrah Beatz
Kobrah Beatz
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