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NEWS   12-11-04 New track entitled 'The Eclipse' added to the Music page - this is an improvisation recorded during the preparations for my gig on the 7.11.04.

12-11-04 New track added to the Music page - a live recording from my gig at Pegger's on the 7.10.04 - this is the second piece, entitled 'Sturm und Drang II'

15-5-04 New track added to the Music page - a spacey, ambient piece called 'Chromium'

20-7-04 Have just spent a week off work composing an enhanced extended studio version of Dark Star Voyage. Also have news of a gig next year, Modulator ESP will be supporting Ron Boots at The Brudenell Club in Leeds on Friday 8th April as part of the Ambientlive 'Awakenings' series of concerts

15-5-04 New track added to the Music page - part four (of four) of Dark Star Voyage

13-5-04 New track added to the Music page - part three (of four) of Dark Star Voyage

12-5-04 New track added to the Music page - part two (of four) of Dark Star Voyage

11-5-04 New track added to the Music page - part one (of four) of Dark Star Voyage an ambient/sequencer piece improvised live at my first live performance at Bunkers Hill on 25.01.04

Gig News: Modulator ESP will be appearing live at
Peggers, Sneinton Market, Nottingham, on Sunday 28th March 2004. Admission is Free and performances will start around 8:30 pm
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[Modulator - Experimental Synthesis Project] is the electronic composition project of Jez Creek, following in the tradition of such as electronic music (em) luminaries as Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. Modulator ESP is both a live improvisation and studio project and may feature collaborators. The music combines traditional em with progressive influences and experimental sound design.
Why this name?
The name 'Modulator' is a term used in synthesis meaning something that changes an aspect of the sound that is being synthesized and it is also used to describe a change in the key of a piece of music. This fits with the concept of the project, of both musical and timbral change. The 'Experimental Synthesis Project' part is to expand on this and give a better idea of the kind of music that might be generated.
Do you play live?
As my music is generally improvised live, either onstage or in the studio, gigging is very important to me. In fact it was one of the reasons for my decision to do this kind of music. I completed a run of 3 monthly gigs at the start of the year. Each was recorded. The first and third are available to buy from my website as 'Reality Excursion Sequences' and 'Time Clouds Distant Memory. After a break to do some studio recording I have started gigging again. Current gigs are done under the Awakenings banner. See News or main website for the latest details. Also available for support slots :-)

Modulator ESP Live at Peggers, Nottingham, UK 7/11/04
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows musicians new ways to promote their music and directly reach a wider audience. It also allows them to network and meet like-minded people.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if it was artistically and financially viable. I would much rather start my own label and get a distribution deal.
Band History:
Run originally as a side project, with most of my debut CD 'random fluctuations' being composed whilst I was playing synths in several other bands, most notably Shadowdancer which I left in February 2003, to allow me to concentrate on Modulator full-time. Previous projects included Spiritland and Voyage Within. 2004 has so far seen 3 live performances (recordings of 2 of these performances are available from the main website)and the start of work on my 2nd studio album. This album will be based on a mix of improvisation and studio overdubs and will be based on the music from the gigs. 2005 has so far seen 2 gigs, the first of which, at the Awakenings in Leeds, was my biggest gig so far and I am happy to report that it all went rather well, especially the first part of my set which is available to download as 'Fear of Backwards' from my main website.
Your influences?
Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Airsculpture, Redshift and Radio Massacre International.
Favorite spot?
My studio :) it's got a comfy chair and lots of cool gear.

Disaster Area Studios :¬)
Equipment used:

Live Instruments:

Sequential Prophet VS, Sequential Prophet 600, Clavia Nord modular, Waldorf Microwave II, Korg Wavestation SR, Roland M-VS1, Cheetah MS6, Sequentix P3, Doepfer Drehbank, Korg ER-1, EMU XL-7, Roland SP-404

Studio Instruments:

Sequential Prophet 5, Oberheim Matrix 12, DSI Evolver, Korg EX-8000, Korg Prophecy, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland SH-101, Yamaha A3000v2, Waldorf Microwave Xt, Yamaha AW16G, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha AN1x
Anything else...?
Some reviews:

Random Fluctuations (self-released, 2001)

"Random Fluctuations" is a two-part electronic suite composed and recorded by Jez Creek in 2001. Each part is divided into several sections that all have their own subtitles, so in the end it's kind of a musical story. By listening to Jez' music, I'd venture that he has progrock background - there is a sense of thematic development and multiple part transitions typical of classic Progressive Rock works and also some classic EM albums like Tangerine Dream's "Tangram" or "Logos". So, if you like early 80's Tangerine Dream or the music of Mark Shreeve, then this CD is for you. It's also quite symphonic sounding, with great dynamics and rhythms. Dark sounds get the first part underway. Soon subtle bass textures are introduced as the soundscape becomes even more intense. This is brooding music - very good stuff. After the 6 minute mark the rhythms are deployed full-time as well as some solos and sequences. I found my head nodding as I listened to this. Great themes and melodies! All is quite and mysterious again after 9 minutes into the track. Of course this section is a transition to the next part that has some warm flowing pads and is surprisingly gentle. Very, very good! Slow rhythm keeps things tight, while the melodies do soar in the sonic ether in a soothing and comforting way. There's even a hint of solemnity in there. The rhythm becomes faster and there are some symphonic textures that strongly remind of "Tangram"-era TD. This is uplifting EM at it's best. And, oh, those solos...! It reminds me on EM from the days gone by. The track ends rather abruptly. The second part starts with dramatic string / drum section. Pretty suspenseful stuff. Some e-drums are introduced along with a melodic sequence and we have a rhythmic section that's halfway between sad and mysterious. The dramatic strings and drums return after a while, sounding like an orchestral movie soundtrack. This time the string sounds are combined with the electronic rhythm and piano playing. Some great synth soloing is also welcome. There's a short intermission after which we get upbeat sequencer lines and a fast theme depicting the war I guess (according to the subtitle). Some very 80's electronic drums (Simmons-like) are used to great effect here. A piano theme comes next, with the sounds of wind in the background. The rhythmic elements do not take long to appear and take control of the proceedings. It's a mysterious and somewhat reflective part. Some processed voices are heard as the screaming solo takes over after 17 minutes into the track. Everything fits perfectly - from voices, to rhythms, to sequences, solos and atmospheres. It all calms down and all we hear for a while are phased / processed synth pads along with some recurring effects. But after a while another excellent melodic motif appears. I loved this part - very complex, even reminding a bit on some of Klaus Schulze material from the 80's. The final section starts with bleeping synths and upbeat rhythm. This is a bit techno influenced (mainly in the rhythms department). I loved the urgent electric piano motif although the main theme is a bit too "techno" for my taste. "Random Fluctuations" is a darn fine album of melodic thematic Electronic Music, that those into most of vintage EM will enjoy, be it early 80's Tangerine Dream, the less sequenced Mark Shreeve, some 70's Vangelis or even Dave Greenslade's "Pentateuch of the Cosmogony".

Reality Excursion Sequences (2004), Time Clouds Distant Memory (2004)

Both albums are live minidisc recordings from concert performances in 2004. They feature sequencer-based music, vaguely in the Berlin School mould. The sound quality is nice but I'd prefer more reverb - the sound is a bit dry to my ears. Reality Excursion Sequences starts with "Dark Star Voyage", which is a lengthy suite with multiple parts. The structure is a bit loose, so you kinda know this is a live recording when you listen to it. Some nice textures, but as I've said earlier I prefer a more spacey, reverbed sound. Nice sequencing and solos, though. "Silent Planet" is a nice mysterious track (that also includes rather cheerful sequences towards the end) with repeating bass motif and good sequences / rhythm combination. "Chaos Theory" is a chaotic (pun intended) and busy sequencer track (which initially makes use of the same sequence that appeared on the previous number). The second live album starts with "Time Clouds" that has an atmospheric introduction with pads and soundscapes, but after a while melodic motifs and, subsequently, rhythmic sequences are introduced that drive the rest of the track along in a relaxed, unhurried mode. You will encounter some pretty tasty solos along the way. The second track is called "Astral Dreams". There's an abstract beginning with noises, soundscapes and stuff, but the sequences ought to appear sooner or later, and viola! - they do as we are nearing the 3 minute mark. Low threatening chords are heard as we are propelled forward at a pace faster than usual with Modulator's recordings. I think it's the best of his live tracks (despite some use of preset choir sounds) - the sequencing is very competent here - pure New Berlin School, a bit trancey and yet more like prog EM. The title of the last track is "Dark Star Voyage" - the same as the first track on Reality Excursion Sequences, but it's a totally different version. It starts with a reflective piano part that gives way to rhythmic notes and in the end it's another mid-paced sequencer track, in typical Modulator ESP style.

by Artemi Pugachov of The Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

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