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Sorry Not Sorry (Young Thug Type)
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Growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey, Hasseem Barnett aka Brixxx found a love for music very early in life. Considered a child protegy by the age of 6 for his ability to play almost any instrument he touched by ear. By the age of 9 Hasseem was already able to put together some of the hottest freestyles and tightest rhyme patterns anyone had ever heard. By 12 he was an all out battle rapper and already getting street cred for what he now calls a "non-regional" flow. By 16 Brixxx was a seasoned vet in the battle circuit and a fixture in the studio. Brixxx was also into some of the more illegal things he was faced with witch caused him to be sentenced to 3 years in the North Carolina prison system. Never one to give up Brixxx continued to write and read during his sentence, determined to upgrade his vocabulary, diction, and delivery. Once released Brixxx again began to spend all of his time in the studio or with his nose in a notebook. Now at the age of 35 Brixxx is finally ready to release his first solo album entitled "Circumstantial Evedence/ HellAnHighWater". When asked why it was givin that title Brixxx replies, "This album is gonna be almost a diary, it's gonna chronicle what it took to get where I'm at right now with it. I guess it can be called tough love cause it's somewhat of a wake up call". According to the buzz on the streets we may be witnessing the next "Reasonable Doubt".
Why this name?
It Comes From A Certain Set Of Projects In My Home Town.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It opens alot of doors to help artists like myself get otherwise impossible exposure, along with alowing me to collaborate with other artist all over the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depending on whether they used vasoline or not.
Your influences?
Anything from Al Green to Cee lo Green, I grew up listening to some of everything so as is evident in my music I'm pretty eclectic.
Favorite spot?
That would have to be Brooklyn, New York.
Equipment used:
Sony Vegas, Fruity Loops, CakeWalk, Reason, and anything else that gets the job done.
On My Grown/ Altered Ego
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