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Johanna Renfro
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'The Doomsday Clock/Slide INVALID
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12/30/11 @ 12:51 AM     1 comment
26,949 times
From the word wizard herself, this song about life and death struck a nerve around the world in 2011, when i wrote and recorded what would become my biggest hit song, ever!
Scott Supreme
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Jerusha Band was formed in San Bernardino, CA back in 1969 when Roger met John, & Keith met John, and after some members came and went, it was just the 3 of them left....they called the band 69th Sundown, Ceasar, then Jerusha, and finally, Jerusha Band.
John transitioned as Johanna, and has been the lead guitarist of the band from the beginning, along with Keith "Buzzy" Wolk, Bass, the only 2 members who have played the whole tenure with
JB. But now my focus is on JLG, my solo band, and music, and changing the world through music.
Why this name?
JLG is my nickname from a dear friend who hired me as receptionist at FFI, Roxanne!
Back in San Bernardino, the band used to go hang out in a Cemetery. and party, and play acoustic night, we were there, and I looked up, and there was the name on this granite tombstone..."JERUSHA"....I said thats the name of the band, and it stuck, and that was 40 years ago this year. True story
Do you play live?
I love to play small venues, and be personal, restaurants, coffee house, etc.
Special moments? The Las Vegas shows JB has done, the first JB reunion, jamming with Chuck Barris on the Gong Show, meeting Luther Rabb of Ballin'jack, and Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull, and hanging with em....playing The Whiskey A Go Go, and the not crazy about live shows anymore...but love moving people with my art.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Completely overhauling the music business, and opens the door for creativity and choices that is unparalleled, and eliminates the goal to 'get a record contract'....not needed today. You can record an album at home that is as good as any studio in the world, and you dont need a record deal to put out your own music, BUT the competition is brutal, and you better be good, unique, and have staying power, or you're done.....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
that would depend on certain conditions, etc. I recently turned down a record contract, due to the low amount of money offered, and their request for "$$$" up front to 'shop my music around". You can do that yourself to A & R people. My advice to young musicians, do NOT sign anything without attorney representation, and if you have to 'pay to play'....walk away. Final note: "There is always room in the music business....IF you are good enough"
Band History:
Your influences?
Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles, Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys, Jim Morrison & the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Blue Oyster Cult, Tommy Emmanuel, Jethro Tull, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, Early Carlos Santana, Country Joe & The Fish, Joe Walsh & James Gang, Traffic, Chet Atkins/Roy Clark,Motown, Hank Thompson, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Buck Dharma, Luther Rabb & Ballin'jack
Favorite spot?
"Fantastic L.A." .........Jim Morrison
Equipment used:
Gibson SG, Fender acoustic, Dean Markley pickup, Shure mics, Tascam, Line 6, Marshall amps, Yamaha keyboard/synth, Boss Tuners, Yamaha FX500, Cry Baby Wah, DOD effect, Alesis SR16, Casio CT650, Randall mixer, Carvin amps, JBL's, Audio Technic mics, Livewire Interface,
Anything else...?
Putting the usual rumors to rest once and for all....
Jerusha Band will be together as long as we are still here, and somebody wants to hear us play!
I am NOT pulling the plug, after all these years, and I LOVE these guys, and the magic we have is as real as it gets....Thanks, Buzzy, Roger, Malcolm, Bracken, Eddie, & Tim D.....what a long strange trip its, Johanna
Johanna Lynn Renfro
Queen Lithium at the Slots!! Palace Station, L.V.
Johanna - Lead Guitar, Jerusha Band
Queen Lithium
Johanna Lynn Renfro
Johanna Lynn Renfro
JLG uitar Goddess
The Beauty of Barracuda's Isle
Johanna Lynn Renfro
Garden of Serenety
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