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Torture By Roses combines the talents of musician Abby Helasdottir and performance artist The Magdalene to create magickal live experiences.
Band History:
Torture By Roses was originally conceived in 1999 to create a one-off tape work, exploring Salome and St. Sebastian, two figures from Christian tradition whose core stories have been adopted and elaborated upon by unorthodox artists for centuries. The work relied heavily on manipulated recordings of the opera Salome, by Richard Strauss, and Claude Debussy's Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. These little-heard tape experiments were reprised in 2000 and 2001, where they were transferred to digital format and through computer processing, taken beyond their humble beginnings. This album was released as the Sebastian~Salome CD by Mediatrix Publishing in September, 2001.

The most recent work from Torture By Roses is called Ignis Spiritus: Liber Magdalena, and considers the role of Mary Magdalene as both a priestess, the beloved disciple, and as an embodiment of Sophia. Much of the form of the piece is derived from Gnostic texts such as the Gospel of Mary and the Pistis Sophia, in which Mary is presented in the priviliged position of one who knows the journey of the soul through the aeons and the archons. This work was premiered at the Darkness Gathering festival, October 26, 2002.
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