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Leviathan Sound Studio
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Opened 01-15-11 Leviathan Sound Studio began recording artists in the Oklahoma City area.
Developed a close relationship with Mo Money Music, and began work on two releases,
"Mo MONEY presents the "1/8 Onion" Mixtape" staring Breezy Burnz and Slanga
and - "Blue Dose" - Slanga and Breezy Burnz.
Blue Dose was released 10.25.11 on ITunes and in Hard Copy format

feel free to contact me at for more info or if you'd like a copy of the "1/8 Onion"
or you can download it free here:

Check out for more...

We have released Two more mix tapes available on Datpif "Till Death Do Us Part" - Slanga and "Smoklahoma City" - Breezy Burnz

Then Next Album from Mo Money Music "Ideas Of March" - Slanga and Breezy Burnz is slighted for a late March release... check for more info...
Why this name?
I at one time built oversized speaker cabinets for Heavy Metal guitarists, Under the name Leviathan Pro Audio... Leviathan defined as "anything of immense size and power" says it all... In anything we do.
Do you play live?
We are a recording studio and a production group. We do have artists we work with closely that play live...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has become much easyer for the listener to get music, and be exposed to music. On the other hand it is becoming much harder for the artist to make a living. We need to come up with different ways of making income off of our product.
It's like arguing the differences between digital and analog. They both have advantages and disadvanges.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Band History:
I've been a musician for over 15 years. I've played drums, percussion, guitar, bass, piano. I recorded my first EP at the age of 17 on a Tascam 414... Haha it was an Instrumental Rock/Fusion record.
I discovered the joy of recording seriously around the age of 24.
I am now in full free fall down the rabbit hole that is recording and recording technolegy.
Your influences?
All over the place... Beach Boys Pet Sounds is an amazing record. Meshuggah is an amazing band. 9th Wonder is one of my favorite producers. Tom Dowd is also one of my heros...
Favorite spot?
I want to move to Colorado... anywhere in the mountins... Or Zurich, Switzerland
Equipment used:
Mac -
Protools 9, Logic Pro, Reason 5, Ableton Live, Station, Focusrite, MAudio, Engle, ElectroVoice, PRS, Ibanez, Shure, AKG, Furman, TC Electronics the list could go on... And will... Every $ I make ends up going rite back into the studio...
Leviathan Sound Studio
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