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My End

Sailing to the promise land,
with America on my bow.
No family in my days,
seeing the smile on my grandpa's face.

Heaven isn't far away,
like emeralds of fantasy,
when I die I will have no memory,
I must have known so long ago,
it's all history.

Oh how the minds connect the sacrifice,
my child that I should have promised life to be.

Truth to the promises of an entire world,
was I born out of mistake?
That I should have become that sacrifice?
And why should you not be that sacrifice as well?

Sailing to the promise land,
with America on my bow,
I look down on the water,
and tears run down my face.

The greatness of a God not loved,
the empty hand without a heart,
could never come back,
even if you never returned.

I feel like my heart became Earth,
that without I would be in hell.

My End
My End
My End
Why this name?
As a child it was easy to ask questions simply because I did not know. As of now I've decided to stop asking those questions and create my own ideas.
Do you play live?
Working on it, lol.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Records contracts are a tool for creating approved music and yes it all goes to the hell.
Band History:
Kris Fields lead musician

Mark Kozz producer
Mark works for Geffen Records

Kiss Fmx
url [KFMX.com]

Your influences?
Trent Reznor, M83, John Lennon, FUN., any new Indie Mainstream. (Even though I'm not a hipster, I enjoy hipster themes.)
Favorite spot?
Sault Saint Marie, Mi
Equipment used:
Epiphone early 1960's Les Paul Reissue (SG Creme), 1992 Jackson Dinky, Applause Acoustic, Ibanez Bass, Casio CZ-5000, Digitech RP-350, Mackie 1604-VLZ3, M-Audio Fast Track, Behringer USB RCA Jack, Blue (Bluebird) Microphones,
Anything else...?
There is no place like home.
Moona Lisa
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