Brainiac Beats
Instrumentals with Hooks
MP3 $29.95 || WAV $39.95 || TRACKOUTS $99.95 || UNLIMITED 199.95$ ***BUNDLE DEALS and INSTANT DELIVERY at Exclusives & Info: Text me 404-827-8610 or email me
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play hi-fi  We Runnin Shit
play hi-fi  Stomped Out
play hi-fi  Gangsta
play hi-fi  Soldier
play hi-fi  Holdin Down
play hi-fi  Platinum
play hi-fi  Too Cold
play hi-fi  Leanin
play hi-fi  Its Goin Down
play hi-fi  Future
Ya Might Know Me As MP a.k.a Tha WIZARD, Breakin MICS All Ova Tha South, With 1 Of Tha Most Hit Soundclick FreeStyle Pages

Now U Get To Get In On These Beats, A n*** Go FED On Tha MIC, And Even Harder On Tha Beat Machine.... Prices Range From $30 And Up (unless listed different).... Need Original Beats, But Cheaper? Holler At Me.... (e mail)
Tha F S WIZARD (aim)
mp205wizard (yahoo messenger) (forum)
Why this name?
Visit My FreeStyle Page For All My Info....
Anything else...?
Peep That FreeStyle Page, 1 Of Tha Most Visited Pages On Soundclick, Voted "MIX TAPE CHAMP", Holdin Down, Reppin Tha South, Actin Bad From BAMA To TEXAS, What DAT Do?

Page Still Includes Tha Underground Hit "THROWBACKS" (formerly top 5 on soundclick till i retired it to promote another track), "Throwback Remix," and "ITS THA WIZARD," One Of The Top Tracks On Soundclick...Plus, Collabs From Many Artists...
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