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Christopher Dykes
NEWS   "Psalm 33" now in rotation on WWEV, Victory 91.5 FM, Atlanta, GA and "Psalm 33" and "Call On You" have been added to the WMVV 90.7 FM rotation, also in the Atlanta listening area.
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Contagious Music - Compelling Message
Why this name?
Hmm. Jerry Lundegaard was already taken.
Do you play live?
Mostly studio work now. Writing, writing, and more writing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Definitely both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, exposure. The down side? Well for some folks, exposure.
Band History:
Mostly Atlanta area rock & alt/rock bands with most experience coming from Atlanta based, "Phases", and my stint with Ed Roland of Collective Soul fame.
Your influences?
Mix Steve Perry and Geddy Lee and you have my voice.
As far as my instrumentation, sound, and style go- I have no idea what to tell people to expect. I've got 25 years of influences tucked away in little brain closets and I never know which ones are going to jump out and beg to be part of the next tune.
Favorite spot?
Currently, Destin FL
Equipment used:
Recording: Protools 6.2 (with more plug-ins than I know how to use), XPC. Keys: Korg Triton, Yamaha EX7, Roland Fantom - Vox: Sinnheiser, Rode NT1a & AKG mics. Lexicon, Focusrite, & Mackie outboard gear.
Anything else...?
Please check out my brand new band, Christos Rexx, also listed here at Soundclick. Our promo single, "Someday", is posted and we would love your feedback-