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play hi-fi  A Vulgor Approach to Broken Hearts
play hi-fi  Funny People
play hi-fi  Yellow Brick Road (remix)
play hi-fi  .. Back Ready to Breathe.
play hi-fi  I'll Never Leave..
play hi-fi  Revolutionary Times
play hi-fi  Prestige of a Blind Man
play hi-fi  Dope verse, free of charge.
play hi-fi  Better Know ( Socratic Method f/ LiQ)
play hi-fi  Hold the Threats
LiQ aka AG Starr. Dope lyrics, unorthodox and innovative style with an idealistic approach to hip hop.
Band History:
Name- LiQ Man
Aliases- AG Starr, Fins
Height- 5'10
Weight- 180 lbs.
Age- 17 yrs.

Favorite spot?
Shore Points, NJ.
Anything else...?
Thanks for all the love and support.
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