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Never Change W/ HooK *NEW*| 3 lease beats for $30
Instrumentals with Hooks
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play hi-fi  Blessed
play hi-fi  Jamaican G-Funk 547449
play hi-fi  Spaced Out
play hi-fi  Adjust 2 Da Temp
play hi-fi  U Know It's On
play hi-fi  Don't Stop, Get It
play hi-fi  Funny How Things Change
play hi-fi  Sextacular
play hi-fi  Boomin
play hi-fi  It's Da Bomb (Blowin')
Your influences?
Some of everybody. Long as its good music , I will listen.
U Know It's On
Don't Stop, Get It
Check Da Spellin Of HuStLe
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It's Da Bomb
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Mr. Ph Killa presents: Killin' Deez Beats
Mr. Ph Killa
Mr. Ph Killa Album Cover
Droop Dogg Album Cover
Back 2 Da Basics Back Cover
Back 2 Da Basics Album Cover
Twiggz-Mind In Da Clouds Produced By: Mr. Ph Killa
Mr. Smokin 4:20
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