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Disco b***
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Video for our first digital release!
Me and Eye
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play hi-fi  In memory of the voices no longer in our heads
play hi-fi  K I K 9
play hi-fi  Running
play hi-fi  Anyone out there?
play hi-fi  Vous vivez, mais avez-vous des soins
play hi-fi  Movement
play hi-fi  Something for your mind, your body and your soul
play hi-fi  Remains of a dream never dreamed
Introvert ambience? Pumping beats? Synth Pop from an ancient past? Only Dpoint knows! Are you ready to find out?

Contact us if you want to enquire live or virtual performances, or simply want to talk music and visuals in general.
Why this name?
Dpoint originally came from the usage d. as an abbreviation for "deceased". We know, kind of far fetched, but we've been called that for ages, so we stick to it!
Do you play live?
Dpoint performes live, and are always open to get more gigs! We are proud to say we are able to tune our performances to the type of venue and crowd very well, and we make extensive use of audiovisuals in the shape of video screens to project content beyond the music for a complete experience for the crowd!

The band has also made it one of its trademarks to stream virtual gigs on a regular basis, which is one way to allow more fans to experience live music from the band.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but, as always, show us the deal and we'll sponsor the ink :-)
Band History:
Started in the late 80's as a pure synth band, and evolved through screaming guitars and psychadelica into a modern 21st century synth pop, electronic ambience and hard beats act with attached video art performance. The two original members are still around, and are confident we are able to deliver a unique performance!
Your influences?
Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, Chemical Brothers, David Holmes, Tangerine Dream, Jesus and the Mary Chain, The Doors, Velvet Underground
Favorite spot?
Any place we'll find a crowd to play for :-)
Equipment used:
Dpoint utilize a minimalistic set up on stage with two to four keyboards, two computers and one to two projectors to show video content. In the studio we have loads and loads of hardware, some of it for nostalgic reasons. A non comprehensive list can be found here.
Anything else...?
Get in touch! We are always open to talk about projects and gigs. Tell us what you are thinking about, and we'll work from that!
Dpoint on stage
Dpoint on stage
Dpoint on stage
Dpoint on stage