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Grant Bowtie
NEWS   Sorry I haven't been able to produce much lately but now I've got a few new tracks - check them out, and thanks for listening!
Grant Bowtie - Candy (Original Mix)
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08/27/13 @ 01:43 PM     post a comment
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My new electrohouse, out on Beatport at
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play hi-fi  Grant Bowtie - Facets
play hi-fi  Grant Bowtie - Candy
play hi-fi  Liquid Crystal feat. Chase Manhatten
play hi-fi  Super Fun 3 (MSB)
play hi-fi  Insurgent (MSB)
play hi-fi  Paranoia (MSB).mp3
play hi-fi  Shadow-MSB
play hi-fi  Superhero (MSB)
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Just me, FL Studio 10, my midi keyboard, some VST plug-in instruments, and inspiration from the music I like. I'm in high school and pretty busy with classes and activities, but I make tracks when I can.
Why this name?
Yeah, well I'm considering changing it but can't decide on a new one right now
Do you play live?
No - really admire those who can do it, though
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's been great but also really confusing right now. Too many choices
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Someday if it made sense
Band History:
I got interested in learning FL Studio when I saw a neighbor friend of mine using it and I really thought it was cool. Also I've taken piano lessons since third grade, which really helps
Your influences?
Too many to list - I really like using Spotify
Equipment used:
midi keyboard, good headphones, Komplete 7, FL Studio 10
Anything else...?
My Youtube channel is at :
Really been enjoying the videos other people have made with my music!
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