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Reign of Terror (Texas)
NEWS   (October 2005) Reign of Terror are currently ensconced in their rehearsal space, putting the finishing touches on material for their new album, which will be recorded by the end of 2005.
Safe House
New School
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CJ Holguin: Bass and Vocals

Dick Osmond: All Guitars

Marc "The Engine" Arredondo: Artillery and Backing Vox
Band History:
Reign of Terror was formed in the winter of 1997 by founding members, CJ Holguin and Marc "The Engine" Arredondo. Their goal was to play top-notch Satanic death metal. They rehearsed incessantly and in the following years took El Paso, and other parts of the world, by storm. Along the way Reign of Terror recorded two self financed CD’s, "Traversing the Realms of Acheron" and "Inverted Beliefs of the Sanguine God" and played countless shows. Many along- side death metal legends such as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Angelcorpse, Krisiun and Mortician.

In 2001 former Angelcorpse guitarist, Gene Palubicki took notice. He signed the band to his label Evil Vengeance Records and in 2002 released Reign of Terror’s next album "Threnody of the Impaled". With this release Reign of Terror’s reputation spread even more throughout the underground. A short tour of Texas in the summer of 2002 solidified the band’s belief in their unholy mission.

Through all of this Reign of Terror has honed their sound, which can best be described as the perfect hybrid of pummeling velocity, cavern-dwelling doom, and neck-snapping thrash-death! R.O.T. braved several line-up changes and finally exists in its strongest incarnation: Dick Osmond(guitar), CJ Holguin(bass and vokills) and Marc "The Engine" Arredondo (battery). 2003 saw the release of "Sword of Antichrist", a 5 song promo of new Reign of Terror material. Reign of Terror hopes to record their next, as-yet untitled slab of unyielding blasphemy in 2005...

Your influences?
Incantation, Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Malevolent Creation, Dying Fetus