Ethnic Experiment
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play hi-fi  Game of Thrones theme
play hi-fi  The Tyrant
play hi-fi  Foreign Accent Syndrome
play hi-fi  The Warrior Gene
play hi-fi  Yosemite Fever
play hi-fi  Spawn of the Dead
Description: A fast paced Death metal riffing with black metal influences here and there and a bit of Swedish melody now and again to be unoriginal..LOL.

Not all influences are visible on these few songs,check other sites for more songs

This is nothing special,just recorded in my toilet,no flashy equipment to fool anyone,no studio buffs to polish the crap,it's just me,...LOL...
so....it's basically to just to get my music out there as simple as possible.

Download it,share it,rip it ..all for free like it should be.

I am not interested in a lineup...

Why this name?
it fits the music well,drains the blood from your ears..LOL
Do you play live?
No...solo project
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I have no problems with file sharing,if you want to make money go on tour..so rip it,burn it and share it as you wish
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
as a solo artist...yeah right...
Band History:
History: A solo project since 1995,when I arrived in Australia.
I am currently residing in South Africa till further notice.
It's Death Metal,nothing original,
It may all sound the same to the untrained ear,but thats what it's supposed to be.
Till death do us part...love it or lump it.
The name exsanguinator has been used by me since 1986 and kept it for my solo stuff
Your influences?
metal music from the 70's,80's and 90's...heavy,thrash,death,shred and doom metal.
No NU Metal or Core type stuff...i'm too old to get into that type of stuff ....sorry....leave it for the new generation...LOL
Equipment used:
Ibanez RG770 BK-P guitar,Ibanez SB900 LE bass,Tech 21 GT2 distortion,Digitech GNX4,Carlsbro amps and various 4x12's cabs and whatever drummer is avaliable to lay down a track for me.
Anything else...?
love it or lump it
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