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Pushin Buttons
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Empowering roots and dub
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c 2010
My Father's House
Sun Jun 05, 2011
World : Reggae
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 253   (75,871 songs currently listed in World)
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About the song
dedicated to all freedom bloggers and musicians.
special dedication to Wes Perkins
Pushin Buttons c 2009 Jerry Stevens

Always I must be careful what I’m wishin for
When I’m hungry I like to know just what I’m fishin for
I ain’t askin for much ain’t tryin to be no glutton
I’m just here makin my livin pushin buttons

I get my message out to anyone in shouting distance
I vote for bravery and against slavery showin resistance
First I’m crawlin then I’m walkin then I start struttin
I’m just so glad to make my livin pushin buttons

We sat down to play monopoly we all wanted to win the game
We gave some guy endless money supply we musta not been thinkin with brains
After some time the value of my dime got beat down to damn near nothin
I mighta been doin alright but still I make my livin pushin buttons

There’s a man over there with ammunition lookin for a brand new chance (reason)
To profit from my fear we’re gonna show him a brand new dance
(To think I’m his game but he don’t know I’ll never be in season)
267 stories they blew up into almost nothin
I’m in pain in the rain it makes me make my livin pushin buttons

I’m pushin on the envelope
I give em all plenty of rope
I can see a whole heap o slack I ain’t gonna be cuttin
Cause I’m out here makin a livin pushin buttons
As I take my place happy to make my livin pushin buttons

65 years ago we got tv an ill wind blowin
these days sometimes people ask me what it is I think they should be knowin
I holler out the truth then I hear the doors and windows shuttin
Sometimes it’s hard makin a livin pushin buttons

From criminal science
We get criminal scientists
Even Jesus got that kiss
Poor people shakin their fist