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NEWS   Root 1 will be playing live at Sahara Lounge (1413 Weberville Road Austin TX 78721 (512) 927-0700) on Thursday, June 16 from 9pm til 11:00 pm, when the D Madness Project takes the stage thereafter.
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play hi-fi  I Need it Again
play hi-fi  Love and More of Where it Came From
play hi-fi  Mr. Pen
play hi-fi  Whole Story
play hi-fi  The Four Directions
play hi-fi  Break Out
play hi-fi  Chips Fall
play hi-fi  Stumblin Block
play hi-fi  Have it Everyday
play hi-fi  May I have This Dance
Root 1 was voted #1 world music group in the Austin Jazz Players and Critics poll. For the past 12 years they have been touring their unique mix of Afro Caribbean American dance crossover throughout the U.S., Belize, and Mexico. The music is centered around the conscious, spiritual, empowering, and award winning songwriting from all members of the band.The CD album Roots Trade has been widely distributed in Brazil by the Garra Communications label.
Why this name?
Root 1 is the square root of 1 which is unity.
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