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Carol Affection
hunter haller
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The Band used to be signed up with a label and came up with its first album. The band broke up after the contract expired. The band regrouped with a new line-up.

Don Asok - Vocals
Untong Cabia - Guitars
little bad boy - Guitars
Jun Bongabong - Bass
Jonjie Hirang - Drums
Why this name?
Carol sort of means "to sing", and we are so affectionate about how we make up our songs... thus, "Carol Affection"... ok ok ok, it doesn't make sense... whatever!
Do you play live?
We used to play live a lot, but all of us got older and more matured and lot of responsibilites in life came in, so we decided to just jam once in a while.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You can have your music easily heard globally!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure. The band used to be signed up... it's kewl to have your work under a label... other than that -- it sucks... hehe...
Your influences?
Lots of them... even from other genres! From Hard f***in rock to New Wave... to mellow stuff that could make you sleep -- like Metallica, Pantera, Sky Church, Aaron Dignos of DBS, etc... to Enya, Kitaro, Yanni, etc.
Favorite spot?
Scotland! Bohol!
Equipment used:
Boss, Zoom, Marshall, Tascam, Charvel, Gibson, Pacifica, Fender, Shure, Alesis,... the likes...
Anything else...?
Thanks to Dondi Biay and Nilo for some of the lyrics and music!

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