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play hi-fi  121613 BHO hook
play hi-fi  CHRIST IN (early version)
play hi-fi  NLV Get Mad 120112
play hi-fi  TRAP SET
play hi-fi  IN CHARGE (karaoke verson)
play hi-fi  Bald Mountain Party 0312 remix
play hi-fi  Bald Mountain Party 0312 remix w Scott's floaters
play hi-fi  Bald Mountain Party (orig 2010 mix)
play hi-fi  BH Birthday Barrage 101810.mp3
play hi-fi  Cancer Lesson 3: God...Willing to Kill (cancer)
Anything else...?
Here are all my music sites I maintain. All are free listens and downloads.
All the sites vary in content, though a few compositions will appear on multiple sites.
Most compositions are religious, but not all.

Cancer Lessons Learned
NEHEMIAH - REBUILDER (the musical)
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