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play hi-fi  who gives a !@#$
play hi-fi  slow motion
play hi-fi  the wonderless
play hi-fi  galaxy in a fist
play hi-fi  honey [ electronic punk ]
play hi-fi  smack up [ electronic punk ]
play hi-fi  mixtape 86 [ electronic punk ]
play hi-fi  breaking teeth [ electronic punk ]
play hi-fi  candy punk [ electronic punk ]
play hi-fi  Drunk on piano
While everyone else is trying to make their electronic music sound perfect, I am trying to make mine sound raw but good at he same time.

Just because it's electronic that doesn't mean it has to sound electronic.

I try to make it all from scratch. I do not use ant pre-made sample loops.

Why this name?
It's my real name
Do you play live?
I can't play live yet but I am working on it. My gear restiction does not allow for it yet
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In the best way. Free music to those who love it
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, they have resources I can't afford
Band History:
I first started playing the guitar, and then I tried being in a band for a while but I quickly found that I work best alone. So I got a keyboard even though it was frowned upon by my peers, and I'm still building my studio today. I will probably never consider my setup complete.

Shalako Break Beat Digital Big Beat Electronica Drum And Bass Electronic Punk
Your influences?
Stompp, Adam Fielding, Smashed Toy, Synthex, Opal Tonic, DJDM, Fahrenheit 451, dcallen. There are more of you out there so sorry if I missed anyone.
Favorite spot?
Wellington, New Zealand (where I live)
Equipment used:
Reason 2.5, Cubase, FLStudio 5, MC303, Alesis SR16, Yamaha RX7, Gem S2, Boss-SP303, Roland sound canvas SC50, Yamaha FB01, Laptop,desktop PC, Roland HP2e digital piano, M Audio Audiophile, Pearl drum kit and a really cheap guitar.
Anything else...?
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[color=red]my music:[/color]
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