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Toadstool Bandits of Gilgamesh
NEWS   Toadstool Bandits of Gilgamesh Redid Some of Them Aint Ladies. Replaced bad copies of other songs.
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play hi-fi  4 MP - 01 EZChair
play hi-fi  4 MP - 02 Spiral Dance
play hi-fi  4 MP - 03 Come Take Your Fill
play hi-fi  4 MP - 04 Days Like This
play hi-fi  4 MP - 05 CouchPotatoBlues
play hi-fi  4 MP - 06 Got the Kind of Love
play hi-fi  4 MP - 07 Some of Them Ain't Ladies
play hi-fi  4 MP - 08 Couch Potato Blues
play hi-fi  4 MP - 09 TheChild
play hi-fi  4 MP - 10 TheWheel
Hear Us Again For The First Time
Why this name?
It is the name we laughed at the most, and realized many people would say, "what?" and we would get to repeat the name.
Do you play live?
My fav place was afterhours at ren faires and playing in SF, CA opening for Regi Harvey's band at Skip's Tavern
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Made it ezier for poorer bands without money to be heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
TBG started with Douglas G. Plexico, M. E. Mott and Don DeBey with the recording of "III shrOOm pi", our first triple studio recording. Next came "Tricelia", another three song recording with Plexico, Mott, Robert Maple, Devon McReynolds and Neil Stuart. "Mushroom Pizza" with Plexico, Mott, Ryan Kilby, Richard Appling. Then "Spores from the Basement" came next with Plexico, Mott, Stuart, Jennifer Brown, Karen Williams and Adam Myles. Our "Mushroom Pizza" CD release party at the Java Cafe in Fresno, CA; We gigged at Skip's Tavern in San Francisco, CA and at the Loading Zone in Redwood City, CA. (Musician at Skip's and the Loading Zone were: Plexico, Mott, Kramer, Emidio and Chris Akins.
Favorite spot?
San Francisco, CA
Equipment used:
PC, multi track recorder, midi keyboard
Anything else...?
Music was featured on broadcast from LASHTAL: Home of the Aleister Crowley Society "Come Take Your Fill" June 6/02/06 and "Thelema" 12/11/05
both from the 'Mushroom Pizza' CD
Check out Doug's other music project here on Soundclick called "Akonyte"
Skip's Tavern
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