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meter versus yard
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play hi-fi  playing like an angel, grooving like the devil
play hi-fi  angel/devil (shapethrower rmx)
play hi-fi  hop the rock (hello cleveland)
play hi-fi  variations in g-funk minor
play hi-fi  stars in my pocket like grains of sand
play hi-fi  how george stole xmas
play hi-fi  sex. god. cherish. caress. a zero score in tennis.
play hi-fi  the axis of good
play hi-fi  clone of the attack (original)
play hi-fi  clone of the attack (remade w. lode runner)
MVSY is: (deejay) [ manticore ] on beats AND (emcee) high-c on rhymes. one is a laptop geezer from the great white north while the other is a bong-hitting OG from the dirty south. the meter versus yard action plan, fueled by an insatiable urge for world domination, is as follows:

STEP 001:
bring pure unadultered 100% colombian quality hip-hop dopeness into being

STEP 002:

STEP 003:
Why this name?
dead simple: canada VS u.s.a. = meter VS yard
Do you play live?
according to the crystal ball, the MVSY crew will be butchering everything and everyone around them at a local venue near you sometime in the foreseeable future.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it has altered the very essence of how music comes to be made, promoted and distributed. at long last, it is finally the music maker rather than the music breaker who can set the rules of the game. all in all, things have changed for the better. the middleman is progressively being taken out of the entire equation.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes. principally for distribution purposes, so long as we can remain the masters of our own domain, as it were.
Your influences?
atmosphere. kool keith. buck 65. sixtoo. sole. them. el-p. aesop rock. cannibal ox. ugly duckling. styles of beyond. fine purveyors of indie-hop such as: rhymesayers. def jux. anticon. mush.
Favorite spot?
any place but your momma's mobile home.
Equipment used:
two turntables and a microphone? nah! that's some ol' school shiznitz yo! we be digital! word!