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The Feckers
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play hi-fi  The Feckers - It'd Be Rude Not To (Album Preview)
play hi-fi  The Feckers ft Yohei Eto - Far From Done
play hi-fi  The Feckers - Wasted Years (Iron Maiden Cover)
play hi-fi  Just ft Roy Bratbakken (Single)
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The Feckers was the brainchild of songwriters/recording artists Chris Szkup and Richard Anderson. Over the years they had compiled a list of songs that they had stashed away in the archives – regrettably (or not so much now) those songs never got to see the light of day in a finished format.

Chris had just released his debut solo album “Pieces Of Eternity” (which you can purchase and read all about here ) and he was working out what he wanted to do next recording wise. So he approached Richard with the idea that they might have another look at their old songs, maybe they could do something with them??? but what???

With the help of old friends and new The Feckers was born – and thus the sessions for “It’d Be Rude Not To” began.

Re-visiting old demo versions (and in some cases some were pretty hairy) – Chris managed to get an idea for how he could go about bring each song into how they would have sounded had they old just been written – this is called Feckerisation (and in some cases this meant taking some pretty hairy old acoustic versions and really giving it the old turn it all the way to 13!).

It soon became apparent that some of them crusty old cassette’s that had been sitting around gathering dust had in fact contained some gems, which is just as well as the boys didn’t really want to be delving into production with shite songs.

The next step was to work out who was actually going to record the tunes…so a hitlist of people that Chris and Richard would most like to work with at that point in time was put together (a realistic one obviously…) a few people were scoped out, and not so strangely most said YES to taking part. Thus the better part of 2010-2012 have been spent working on what will be the debut (and subsequently not the last) The Feckers release…..which this site has been set up to tell you a few bits and pieces about…
Why this name?
It was initially the plan for Chris and Richard to perform live under the moniker The F***ers, but the thought was that they didn't want to get mistaken for some terrible punk The Feckers seemed the next best thing (Richard liked the irish sentiment)
Do you play live?
Chris and Richard have indeed performed together live - an acoustic set. Chris performs on the occasion in Melbourne, Australia.....all of the other guys on the album perform/ed live in various guises and still do!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well for starters it affords us the chance to work together otherwise airfares would soak up all our life savings.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably not
Your influences?
All things rock n roll! real life influences and the people we work with are pretty much what has inspired this album...the good, the bad and the ugly sides of life
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Anything else...?
Non Album Singles:

"Just" ft Roy Bratbakken
- Lyrics: Richard Anderson, Music: Chris Szkup

"Wasted Years" ft Irene Slade
- Lyrics & Music: Adrian Smith

"Far From Done" ft Yohei Eto (2012)
- Lyrics: Richard Anderson, Music: Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson

“Music Keeps Me Sane” ft Carl Linquist (2012)
- Lyrics: Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson, Music: Chris Szkup
The Feckers - It'd Be Rude Not To
The Songs of Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
(Released 2012)
“Dedicated in memory of Mr Chris Chugg”
©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 1998-2012
All Rights Reserved - All Songs Are Registered with APRA
Artist Consultation by Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson & Dennis Leeflang

Produced by Chris Szkup, Stew Long & Jake Long
Mixed & Mastered by Stew Long @ Red Planet Recording, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

All music written & arranged by Chris Szkup
All lyrics written by Richard Anderson

- Lyrics & Music: Chris Szkup

“A Better World”
- Lyrics: Chandler Mogel, Music: Chris Szkup

“Ours” & “Slackers & Wankers”
- Lyrics: Richard Anderson, Music: Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
1. Lay It On The Line - ft Roy Bratbakken & Irene Slade
2. A Better World - ft Chandler Mogel
3. Minus - ft Roy Bratbakken
4. Unleash The Beast - ft Irene Slade
5. Nothing That A Bullet Wouldn't Fix - ft Roy Bratbakken
6. Out Of Your Mind - ft Alexy Spectre
7. Never Say Never - ft Roy Bratbakken
8. A Soldier's Fortune - ft Rob Smith
9. I Don't Wanna Fight - ft Irene Slade
10. Master Of My Own Destiny - ft Roy Bratbakken
11. The Keys To The Kingdom - ft Rob Smith
12. Under The Gun - ft Roy Bratbakken
13. Ours - ft Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
14. Slackers & Wankers (Dedicated To...) - ft Feckers & Feckerinas
Far From Done ft Yohei Eto - artwork: Dan Verkys
The Feckers ft Roy Bratbakken - "Just"
The Feckers ft Irene Slade - "Wasted Years"
The Feckers - Just
The Feckers
Chris Szkup - Pieces Of Eternity
The Feckers
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