NEWS   New Beats
- Propaganda tactics
- Hope progress change
- Psychosis
- West Coast Thug
*2 more new beats will be added tomorrow 11/14/12
New School
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play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Beasterz (80Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Thats All I do (146Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - BoomBlap (80Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - A Mans world (120Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - I Need Love (73Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - PAC (127Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Love (154Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Hyphy Douglas (91Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Rossay (75Bpm)
play hi-fi  EqpBeats - Strangers (146Bpm)
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