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Gummy Beatz
Hybrid Theory (QUAVO/Travis Scxtt Type)
New School
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Why this name?
Looking at the production game..we need to standout and be able to represent the thinking outside the box philosophy we choose to create with. Sho: deriving from the word Shogun which is more or less translated to fight in Japanese layman terms. Gnosis: Greek word for knowledge. We combine the two and get a new word ShoGnosis, which represents in our philosophy with theory as Fighting Knowledge or Knowledge of fighting.
Do you play live?
We will soon have a structured performance to do live, incorporating visual art and imagery. Something deserving of the name Future Bang Boogie. No special moments as of yet. Still getting off the ground. While being young in this business we are not young to the art of creation...so in part we actually are finding all this struggle to the top be the special moment we look back on as a root to our future success.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has brung a great deal of opportunity to those who do this on a budget, to directly release on queue the works and the creations of the imagination, bring it to so many diverse people out there and get a chance to be your own start up, your own boss and control your destiny with little supervision. That rivals a lot of majors catalog and artists. After that strong hold, the major will buy the indie and learn from it how to move the machine forward. Money can make you sell out, and the purist become fewer. With the ability to upload and download you now can have your music at the speed of light. The internet killed the Record store, just like video killed the radio star. But progress is permitted.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would have a lot to do with what level of creative control is allowed or obligated in the partnership of the major label and our independent selves. Still in the end it takes money to do a lot of this and exceed is what we want to do quite naturally, but it can be established as well as majors if you got what the people want. So the answer is... you will never know till that time comes.
Band History:
Been doing this since the mid 80's through the 90's and still want a piece of the action.
We have no credits or any affiliations....our history is just beginning.
Your influences?
Great producers and artists of sorts. Not enough patience to read all of that if stated, But as you can see in the profile there is many who we feel are the leaders of what we are doing.
Favorite spot?
New York: Manhattan, Harlem, East and West Village. Williamsburgh Brooklyn
Equipment used:
Novation LaunchKey Mini, M-Audio M-Track
Anything else...?
We are not Robots. We are not Humans. We are Anti-Matter in a cosmos of slop.
SYNTAX CITY -Side Story: Conservative Assasins
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