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Austen brauker
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play hi-fi  "Siam Sam" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Nibiru the Purifier" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Carbon Seven" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Come On Seven" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Emoticon Man" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "The Long Count" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Flute Machine" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Sturgeon Coming" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Coronal Ejection" by Austen Brauker
play hi-fi  "Medicine Man (On Your Own)" by Austen Brauker
My name is Austen Brauker. I am a member of the Ottawa tribe from Manistee, Michigan. I recently won Best Horror script at the Love Unlimited International Film Festival.

I have received positive script coverage from CoverageInk and Creative World. I have several scripts already written and several in process.

I have written two fiction novels. One has been self-published. I have had two theatrical plays produced at a local college. I write monthly articles for a local newspaper. My screenplay "White Buffalo" has been picked up by a film production company for development (Wild Horse Films).

I am also an accomplished visual artist (winner of several national contests including the NCAI Indian Congress art for 2011) and a musician (Four original CD's of home studio produced music) and have much work posted online at different art, music and writing sites. I play and write both traditional and contemporary musical forms.

I attended CMU for psychology and West Shore for criminal justice. I hunt elk, bear, deer and spear salmon. I worked as the herd manager of a large buffalo preserve. I write federal grants and small business proposals. I have owned several art related businesses. I have art in numerous galleries and murals painted in several public locations.

I currently work as a Peacemaker/Probation Officer for the tribal court of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. I live in Onekama, Michigan.
I am married to my beautiful wife, Victoria.
Why this name?
Using a dart board and a newspaper.
Do you play live?
Yes. I am always alive, even when I am recording in the studio.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes. They are not the same as before, that is exactly what change is.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they would bite my farts. Yes.
Band History:
Music has been around for a long time. I imagine people travelled in bands. Ate and slept in bands, all the way back to the stone ages.
Your influences?
Logs and rocks. Frogs and socks.
Favorite spot?
My favorite spot is a polka dot.
Equipment used:
I have a car. A blender. A gas powered beard trimmer. I also use a time machine and a water board.
Anything else...?
Besides what I wrote above, everything else that was not said there goes here. All other things not mentioned.
Austen Joshua Tree
Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan
connected statue
Austen Brauker
fish on land
Austen Brauker
Kitchi Tikipi Spring, by Austen Brauker
Austen Brauker, Sturgeon's eyeball
Victoria Brauker, Mullein
Austen Brauker, No Morels
"Austen's Dog", Max
Austen Brauker, Joshua Tree
Austen Brauker, H.A.A.R.P.
Austen Brauker
Manistee, Michigan by Austen Brauker
Austen Brauker, HAARP
cherub with skull
santa fe coyote man
spiral stair
santa fe bronze elk
window on santa fe street
chicago airport
fixing the van
store window
washington coast
trees in rainforest
rainforest in washington state
beaded lizards
santa fe bronze
misty olympic forest
dc bridge from ferry
smokey mountains
rainforest in washington state
rainforest in washington state
mossy snow day
snow and moss
church statuary
la fonda french restaurant
chicago airport
bronze lady at church
bronze maiden
la fonda
santa fe art museum
dc reflecting pool
mason temple
hwy 1
hwy 1
hwy 1
china town
washington coast
elk bronze
Austen Yosemite
dc national harbor
Miner's Falls, Michigan
Tahquamenon Falls Michigan
Enlightened Dancer
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