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NEWS   Brand New Track "Remember Who You Are" is launched on June 20th, 2011.
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New Age
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Well ! It's a one man show.. I'm the only member of the band so far.. Infact a Solo musician..
My real name is Salman Anwer and the music act name is "Musicarian".

Music has been into my blood & soul since my childhood and my very first instrument was a wooden 'Banjo' at the age of 5. I'd played it for several years and then tried a few more instruments including, Keyboard, Flute, Harmonica and a Saxophone as well.. :-) Finally being inspired by some nice melodies on guitars, picked up an acoustic guitar at the age of 17 and so the journey began.

I'd been attached with the Pakistan music industry as a session guitar player, lyrics and songwriter, music composer and had played for various main stream and upcoming artists but due the increasing commercial scene, I'd realized that I was unable to play, what I actually wanted to.

So I quit the mainstream scene back in 1999 to do my own stuff. Something that was Real and received from an unknown and unseen source.

By now, I've completed my first album 'Spirit' and working on my second album and most of my music is instrumental. Hope you enjoy listening to my stuff.. ;-)
Why this name?
Having a unique and different nick was the basic idea behind this... "MUSICARIAN" is self extracted term and I don't think, there's any other musician or band, anywhere in the world, with this music act name.
"Musicarian" (according to me) is a person, who's born with the love and passion for music in his heart and has grown up learning and knowing the art of music. (I'm a self taught musician or you can call me an inborn or God gifted musician). I've never attended any school or college to learn music and whatever I do, is either learnt by practice or experience.
What would you call a person like this.. Isn't it artistic to call him "Musicarian" ? :-)
Do you play live?
Yes ! I've been playing live with the main stream artists of Pakistan for last 14 years at almost each and every venue of Karachi city.. I love it and I think a guitar player always loves it.

About the special moments. I would say, the first professional live performance was special for me cuz there were 16,000 people enjoying the show.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think internet itself is the greatest medium, as it allows you to get in touch with a lot of music listeners as well as musicians, all over the globe.
MP3 format is the most famous one. Small file size, quicker to exchange and you don't have to compromise much on the sound quality.

There was a time, when the options were very limited but now since the promotional websites are offering more then a record label for free or for a lil' annual fee, I think this is an outlet for those, who are serious about their music.. It's a great scenario and I'm sure thousance of artists have got a great exposure, due to this.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well ! I'd actually signed a licensing contract with a web based record label called Statue Records L.A, California for the manufacturing and distribution of my debut album 'Spirit' in US.
The album (according to them) was released in the West Coast area on 1st September 2004 but I'd never received a copy myself. :-)

About signing a contract with a major or minor label, I'd love to spread my music, all over the world till I could play and record my stuff but I'm seriously not looking forward to do music for the sake of making money.
I do it, cuz I enjoy every second of doing it.

Let's see what comes next.. but I'm surely enjoying the exposure at SoundClick. :-)
Band History:
I've been playing guitars, composing, writing, performing and producing music for more than a decade now. (About 14 -15 years..)

Your influences?
I make music being inspired by Nature, Life, Feelings, Memories and Imaginations..
All my music is based on my own imaginations and feelings. The way, I see things.. and to do this, I need to keep myself into many other music genres cuz sometime, I don't get the right expressions from a particular music genre for my idea.. So I compose music in any other genre to express it.

I've been listening to a lot of music, musicians and artists very carefully and I usually work in, Jazz, Rock, Blues & a touch of Latin and Spanish styles. Currently working on some a few improvisations in Eastern Classical as well as Jazz and R & B stuff..

My major influences are Carlos Santana, George Benson, Eric Clapton, Kenny-G and a local guitar veteran Aamir Zaki.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere close to Nature...

Wish if I could live in any of Jim Warren's paintings or the Cartoon world. :-)
Equipment used:
I have 9 guitars at the moment(as I've been into guitar customization) including Acoustic, Spanish(Nylon String), Semi Acoustic, Leads and Bass guitars.
Most of my guitars are either a combination of the unbraded bodies with branded pickups or some vintage classic Japanese collector's itoms.
I usually don't purchase instruments, seeing the brand name on headstocks but it should have a nice tone and good playability, that's my theory..

Some other gadgets including stomp boxes (normally Boss and DOD) , A big (Yamaha) guitar amp, as well as the music software including FL Studio 4, Wavelab and Cakewalk.
Anything else...?
Yeah !

The message of Humanity, Love, Peace, Patience, Spirit, Dedication, Brotherhood and a kind heart for everyone.

That's what I want to say, with my music as well.
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