Doctor Head and the Psyche Convention
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The Psyche Convention is a now defunct group of visual and audio artists gathered together by an aging visionary for the purpose of creating the psychedelic experience through legal means.

When first brought together, the venerable Doctor Head and Justin Kase had the idea of throwing outdoor gatherings complete w/ soundscapes seemingly suspended in air (no referencable point of origin) and installations of dayglo wonder. These dreams were smashed almost instanly upon production of the first album. Head spent every last dollar on assembling the Creation Monkey Studios, hoping sales would recoup the investment and build a profit margin big enough to begin touring.

Unfortunately the public's response, along with the unwilingness of certain key artists to cooperate with the project, brought the immediate collapse of any notion to introduce the Convention into the light of day (dayglo).

The studio went under and the Doc with it. On demand copies of the work formed in the heyday still exists and is available. As for the convention, remaining personnel have moved on to an informal gathering known as the Curio Side Show. Others were banished from the family and will not be spoken of again, for the damaged they brought onto a lovely aspiration is irreversable and unforgivable.

Please check out the Curio Sideshow's page on this site to keep up to date. New work is possible in the not to distant future. Thnx, Justin Kase
Why this name?
We chose it wisely and with love.
Do you play live?
Not as the Psyche Convention. A handfull of small dress rehersal parties have been thrown, but the bank is dry. It is up to Justin and the Sideshow to carry on the legacy
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives good people a chance to listen to good music - if they like enough, they buy. Oust comercialism from the recording industry - with computers the production can all be done at home.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
F*ck Yeah
Band History:
It all started over a psychic communication between Doc Head and Justin Kase. Justin had just finished his grand dinner of mescaline and malt liquor when the strange and brilliant man first appeared. The venerable Doctor Head explained the nature of the project and told Justin he was the first of the chosen conventionairs. His job was to gather the other chosen ramma's and lead them back into the temple.
Your influences?
The universe which is the mind. Pornography, money grubbing ministries and good strong drink. Disgust with the artistic process of modern day plays a big role as well. In this consumer society, genius is rarely recognized over fame. sh*** on a brick with Warhol's name on it and its art. Spend months concieving and constructing a project and be lost.
Favorite spot?
the painted cosmo-chasm which is all that exists
Equipment used:
Mac and PC based multitrack recorders/editors, samples of televangelists, porno and other ungodly sounds. Sound generators, effects, especially the tape echo - and psychedelics.
Anything else...?
Just everything!
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