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Ketobbey a one man music producer. Ketobbey is not just my name Ketobbey is everything I am.
Hi I am Ketobbey and I am the beat designer.
Hi I am Ketobbey and I'm the sound engineer.
Hi I'm Ketobbey and I produce the synths.
Hey there I'm Ketobbey the mixer.
And I don't think I have introduced myself, I am Ketobbey the Vocalist.
Together I am Ketobbey...
(wow now I have a disorder)
Why this name?
Just took my name Ketobbey and made the next logical step to Ketobbey as a band name.
Do you play live?
No I don't play live. Some of my track are created on the fly and then edited later. It's as live as it gets when I am producing on the fly and the music is just happening and I get to hear it as it being crafted real time.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has made a big difference to music and the artists. Now people have an easier more convenient way of sharing and listening to the music they like. Also artists now can save themselves the cost of printing their work onto a tangible medium, if they are able to market themselves that way.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes! I would. Money isn't everything, that much is true but having the money would free me to produce full time, or when I wanted, would be fantastic, a dream come true.
Also the big labels have big connections so you can reach more people with your music through the far reaching arm of a major lable.
Band History:
Little unknown history: I was producing under the name Power Energy Synergy (P.E.S) for many years but gave the name away when my music took a new direction from experimental into what my friends call the "Ketobbey Sound".
I started mixing tunes when I was 20 years old. I was handed a demo program by a friend I visited weekly. He thought it might interest me. And it did!
I got the most out of the 4 track demo and found ways of exploiting it to give me 32 tracks to work with but only if I didn't save my work or else I was stripped back to the 4 tracks again. This meant most of my early work were all kind of "one offs". Over the years I have only held onto 1 track from demo, I called it NEHP.
Well I was hooked. I always loved to sing but this was something more, something I was kinda good at.
I got a hold of some more professional software and took on the name P.E.S for the next 8 years. A lot of that stuff is on youtube and is very Experimental.
Well I had a messy brake up (don't we all have one of them...) and I was thinking about my self a bit more. Made new friends and changed my life style. 1 of the new people I met had done music at high school and thought I would like to see how the program they used worked. It was only a year later and I moved onto a new direction and new software. And took on my own name.
Now I am 32 (at the time of writing this) and I have upgraded but stuck to the new sound production platform I was introduced to years earlier by friend.
Thats it. You can wake up now...
Your influences?
David Grohl would have to be my all time musical hero. Why? Well Kirt dies, and Dave is left with all this skill and goes and makes an album in his basement and starts the Foo Fighters!
Influences though, Fatboy Slim, Regurgitator, Apex Twin, Rob Zombie, Daft Punk and a real mix of 80's music and some 70's also.
Favorite spot?
The place I like to be the most is Home in Victoria with my relatives. No place like it.
Equipment used:
PC and Mic.
Anything else...?
You can find all my free stuff and music videos at
Be WARNED the PES stuff is there and it's VERY Experimental!
Ketobbey Seriously!
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