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Land Down Under Feat. Big-G
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1st Collab w/ Big G....Turned out great!
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Lyrical Assassination
Sat May 05, 2012
HipHop : Positive Vibes
Take charge
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About the song
1st Collab w/ Big G....Turned out great!
Land Down Under


Yeh im from that land down under,
Ya can't take me under
But ya can hear that thunder
If ya really wanted to

Ya cant take me under

Im from the bottom...on-it
Now im tryin ta come up

Ya cant take me under

Im on the lowest lvl...Ya neva have seen
Low enough

Verse: 1

Whats the explanation -Neva saw this painted,
My family, faded -feelin like im tha one they blamin
Devils n' my head, my soul hes maimin
Come 100 no need ta b fakin
This is Talent, tru documentation
I remember recognition, trigger finger itchin...
Im sober,my nose continusly twitches
Government playin, snitches
n tha hood ud recieve brusies n stitches (RATS)
Home run-ive hit it...
Now sum 1 pick me up im wishin-still livin
My roots buried-im my own prison,
spitin verses-breathin curses
-talently gifted-My Mission,
(Push it to tha limit)
Some days no longer worth it
Feelin like itz close curtains
Bein ignored-I'm sensing im worthless
Found my purpose
Next life swim as a porpose-Gorgous-
These days-nuthin left ta us
Bust on lyrics -sum days ya feel it...
Good n Bad thoughts must mean I gotta have feelins
Depression-tha past-made me hard of hearin
Nightmares clench my breathin-weasin-I PLEAD INNOCENT
Times ticken-I still spit it-I jus murdered the witness