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Iron Horse
NEWS   IronHorse has signed with Compendia Music Group/VTone Records, with the release date for the new CD - entitled "Bring It On" - set for September 21. It will be available on this site and the IronHorse web site beginning July 12. 

The album will be an Enhanced CD, with 12 audio tracks plus music videos and video footage that can be viewed on your computer.

Excellent distribution through Koch ensures the disc will be available in major retail outlets, including Wal-Mart stores nationwide, Kmart, Best Buy, Musicland, Transworld, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books. It will be sold through all major internet sites such as and CD Now, and will be available for download at iTunes.

Produced by Kevin Beamish

Track Listing:

Three Sheets To The Wind (1

Bring It On (2

American Thunder (3

The Other Kind (4

I Can't Stop You (5

Dixie Highway (6
(duet with Henry Paul)

The Best Move (7

Desert Rain (8

Haunted Saloon (9

Rescued (10

Half Past Goodbye (11

One Hell Of A Ride (12

Music Videos:

The Best Move
American Thunder
Band Interview

Fans were able to follow the recording process on-line from the first day of tracking (May 7) on the IronHorse Message Board “Studio Report”, which had well over 5000 hits during the sessions.

IronHorse & Compendia Music Group/VTone Records are committed to bringing this album into the hands of those hungry for music that is real and powerful, that makes you feel something, enjoy yourself, and keeps you coming back for another listen.

BRING IT ON. The new album from IronHorse.
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"Iron Horse is the bastard child of all the music we grew up listening to," comments IH frontman Ronnie Keel. "Like any band, we've taken the sum of all our influences, added what turns us on about music, and come up with our own brand. We want to hold on to the energy and power of Arena Rock while embracing the honest lyrical qualities of Country music...I come from a redneck blue collar background, and that flavors our music with the Southern spirit.

"I do a lot of interviews promoting the band and what we do, and usually the most difficult question is 'What kind of music do you play?' - so we came up with the term Hard Rockin' Southern Country Metal.

"Our drummer, Gaetano Nicolosi, is a native of Italy. He and I met in Sicily in 1999 and started playing gigs together over there. It was a great experience, because it was the first time in my adult life that I was playing just for the love of music - it wasn't about career moves and marketing, it was just about having a great time doing what we loved to do. We played rock, country, metal, pop, whatever - and the audiences loved it. I started to see that these elements could all be combined into one band as long as that band was built around four things: good songs, good musicians, good friends, and good times. And that's what Iron Horse is all about."

Why this name?
"Gaetano and I went into the studio to record a few songs I had written, as a sort of souvenir of my time in Italy. After that session I was so excited by the songs and by Gaetano's work in the studio, I knew we had to put a band together...I went to bed that night with the dream taking root in my mind and in my heart, I couldn't sleep, and the name Iron Horse just popped into my head and I said 'That's it!'

"I immediately went downstairs, called my best friend and bass player back in the states, Geno Arce. I told him we were going to put a band together, we were going to call it IronHorse, and we were going to create the perfect blend of metal and country. Luckily, he said 'Okay...'

"Iron Horse is a great name for this band, because, like the music, it can be perceived a number of ways. You could call a metal band Iron Horse, or you could call a country band Iron Horse, and there aren't a whole lot of names that can capture the vibe of both genres. It has the obvious motorcycle reference, and motorcycles go hand in hand with rock n roll, good times, and the American way. But the term 'Iron Horse' was first used by Native Americans - it's what they called the trains that thundered across the great plains."
Do you play live?
"We hit the ground running, heading out on the road several weeks after the band was formed, and we've never learned how to slow down. We've logged over 500 shows from coast to coast so far, headlining and opening for bands like 38 Special, ZZ Top, The Doobie Brothers, and so on. Some of the best moments have been headlining Texas Motor Speedway last summer for the Lone Star Biker Bash, headlining at the Freedom Festival in San Diego to honor the men and women of the US Armed Forces...the 38 Special shows were cool for me because they were one of my favorite bands when I was a kid, and IronHorse matches up real well with them - great songs that have the rock edge and power with lyrics that say something real."
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
"I think we've just begun to see the extent of changes all this new technology brings to the table. I think someday soon you'll get all your entertainment - TV, music, movies, sports, etc. - from one source, your computer. You'll probably pay a monthly fee, like your cable bill, and the CD's will be like pay-per-view movies are now.

"The changes in how people get their music are obviously shaking up the industry, but it's always been like that with new technology. I think anything that makes an artist more accessable gives them more potential for success, and I want to keep Iron Horse on the edge of whatever happens next."
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We'd consider any options available to bring our music to the most amount of people, and while the major labels will have to adjust to the changing industry, some of them will adapt and thrive and make tons of money. An independent label that sells a million units becomes a major label very fast."
Band History:
"Me, Gaetano, Geno, and our first guitarist relocated to Plain City Ohio to rehearse in a barn, eat Hamburger Helper, play gigs, record and release an independent CD...all those things that bands do. We played wherever and whenever we could, to improve as a band and to spread the word.

"Jay Rusnak came on board as lead guitarist in 2002, and that's when we really became who we set out to be in the first place - a band with no barriers, no limits, and Jay brought so much to the table as a guitarist, songwriter, harmony vocalist, performer, drinking buddy. After recording the new album, we decided it was time to expand the lineup and get a keyboard player, and then we found Dean (IH keyboardist Dean Lehman) in a band that opened for us and we made him an offer he couldn't refuse. And Dean turned out to be more awesome than we could imagine - besides being the right guy to fit in personally with the rest of us, he's an amazing multi-instrumentalist who now contributes harmonica, percussion, sax, banjo, guitar, you name it, he plays it.

"So we've recently completed recording a new album that will be released early in '04, produced by mega-producer Kevin Beamish, that really says it all about Iron Horse. We have high hopes for the album, we're looking forward to heavy touring and making a lot of new friends in the year to come."
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