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K Caruso is an enigmatic artist who brings his unique spirit and intensity 2 his music. Best described as brutally honest, his songs personify life's dualities of Good and Bad, Love and Hate, and how we can get lost on the many levels in-between. Successfully marrying several styles of music with heartfelt themes that have a undercurrent of sexual and emotional tensions, K and his music are symbolic of an individuals spiritual experience of Life, Love and the Truth. There is harmony between the lyrics and the music that is a testimony of change. 
Sometimes light as a breeze or a rumbling, thunderous roar, K's vocals don't just reach an audience as much as it drags them in with an intense grip that demands full attention. K is also known as a well versed musician and is considered by many as a great guitar player.
Music became interested in him at the age of 7. Listening 2 his parents old records of Neil Diamond, James Brown, Dion and the Bellmonts, The Everly Brothers, and many more. He discovered a new world that was full of color and joy. Then a kid in the neighborhood played him KISS! " My life was 4ever changed that day."
K's music has been described in many ways by many people as they try 2 define his personal sound. When asked 2 explain his music K paused and smiled,

Why this name?
Simple and hard 2 miss spell. Plus it's my name.
Do you play live?
We play all the time. Anywhere and everywhere that will have us. Playing Live is what this band is all about. Put us on a stage and we come 2 life.
If you make it big..?
We can pay our Bill's, hell we can pay our Chet's
and maybe some Marty's ( haha )
Band History:
Musicians get 2gether and start a band 4 all different reasons. Some do it 4 fame and fortune. Some 4 the ego stroke. Others do it 4 reasons we won't get in2 here. This band does it 4 the pure love of the gift we call music. The passion shows in the sound they crank out when they hit the stage. High energy rock that kicks U right in the ass. Moody ballads that are at times eerie and stark. Songs about life and love and the pain or joy these twin sisters can often bring. 
K was kicking around L.A. with a truck load of songs and an acoustic guitar. Playing alone was not fulfilling enough 2 him. " I love 2 do the singer/songwriter thing from time 2 time, but I really love the energy U get when U hit a big fat G major chord on a Les Paul through an amp." So he was at a club one night and saw a so-so band, but the bass player stood out. " I told him he should leave his band and play with my band. He laughed but said he would check it out." Needless 2 say Mr. Golden was the first 2 join. " That took balls 2 say that. Here is this guy I don't know telling me my band sucks and I should join him. I gave a listen and the songs were there but it was his voice that got my attention. He can sing like nobody's business." Mr. Golden adds, " I was blown away and said yes right away." Golden brought in guitar player Joel Bianco who was new in town from St. Louis. Golden and K went 2 see the band Joel was in and U guessed it, same song and dance, they offered him the gig that night, he said "Yeah Great, count me in 4sure." Bianco says " I had been 2 see them play twice. They had a three piece going with some cat on drums, they blew me away. What a sound, I thought 2 myself. If I could only hook up with this band." They put an ad in Music Connection and out of 20 replies they went with the 1st drummer they jammed with Skylar Kennedy. Who went on 2 say " I had just moved here from Chicago a few weeks be4 and boom, I was now in a kick ass band."
Your influences?
Life. Love. Everything UnderTheSun.
Favorite spot?
Lake Tahoe in May.
Equipment used:
Guitars. Bass. Drums. Voice.
Anything else...?
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