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play hi-fi  Intro ahsid Man eX
play hi-fi  Goin' Under ft. Leina Vae
play hi-fi  Move ft. Timothy Carl
play hi-fi  I Get It Poppin' ft. A Jilla, Ave, Drew Down
play hi-fi  Slow ft. Drew Down
play hi-fi  waTsEd ft. Timothy Carl
play hi-fi  Dawg House
play hi-fi  Blow n' Dosha
play hi-fi  Less Travel'd ft. Timothy Carl
play hi-fi  The World
Why this name?
It was during a freestyle with my friend King Mut. I said, "They call me Diah, cuz I'm diabolical, they call me Manih, cuz I'm maniacal." My dad always called me Diah when I was young, and diabolical rhymes with maniacal, and Manih just stuck with me. Plus, I kinda am maniacal.
Do you play live?
I've done shows around Madison @ High Noon Saloon, Club Exclusive, and Juntenth and had a show in Chicago @ Club Karma Milwaukee at Stage Right and more
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I really like it because people in New York and California can walk down the street to a major label, but for those people in the Midwest, we don't have that so this is a good way for people who don't have those opportunities to get their sh*** out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but...
Band History:
I started off writing poetry as a way to release my aggression and get sh*** off my chest. I eventually posted my sh*** on MySpace, and people really like it and wanted to hear more. I knew a couple other people who rap and they wanted to use some of my lyrics. Then I thought I could start writing to beats myself, so I did. I was writing for a while until I started recording my own sh*** when I was 19 and got my own program when I was 21. When I was 23 I started really getting involved in the music scene and people really started liking my music. So now I am here trying to make something of it all.
Your influences?
Rap, Rock, and Country, plus a little R & B. I really get my influences from any music that has a lot of heart and meaning behind the words no matter what genre it is.
Favorite spot?
I definitely love Wisconsin and the Midwest, but I show love for all of the United States
Equipment used:
ProTools, iMac OSX, Rockit 6's, Shure 42 Condenser Mic, PreSonus Pre Amp, and M Box Interface, DS Reflection Filter, Sound Proofing Materials etc.
Anything else...?
I also write other genres of music and write / co-write songs with others so if you wanna bounce some ideas around let me know.
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