ForTiorI (GER)
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play hi-fi  01 - Look Into The Abyss - The Siege
play hi-fi  02 - Parasite - The Siege
play hi-fi  03 - Equivalence - The Siege
play hi-fi  04 - Falling Stars - The Siege
play hi-fi  05 - The Illiterate - The Siege
play hi-fi  06 - Gravity Wont Make You Fall - The Siege
play hi-fi  07 - 25 Seconds - The Siege
play hi-fi  08 - Lights Out! - The Siege
play hi-fi  09 - Waking Up Tied Up - The Siege
play hi-fi  10 - Run - The Siege
waz uppa, i´m mostly called johnny and big guess - i love playing guitar. i started at the age of 12 and play for 8 years now. i play styles like machine head, slipknot, killswitch engage, korn, trivium, periphery and everything in between. i mostly produce my own music and sometimes upload some of my songs as videos on my youtube channel:
and here on soundclick. please turn to my artist page "ForTiorI (GER)" to check it out.

hope you guys enjoy what you find.
Why this name?
the word "fortiori" has its origins in latin meaning something like "for a still stronger reason" or "all the more". i thought it sounds cool as a band name and it has a cool meaning to it. that´s why i chose it.
Do you play live?
i don´t play live, since i´m a one-man-band. i just like doing some music at home and share it with whoever likes it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the internet makes it easier for bands to promote their music and to get famous. the stupid thing is you can end up being more famous than you are successful. but this whole mess with downloading music illegal also makes people into total dicks. paying up to 5000 bucks for downloading some music but getting away good for downloading movies and programs and other stuff, ... music business is more and more just about money and not about good music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
no, i don´t want to rely on making music for a living. plus in my eyes it´s to stressful. i just enjoy doing my normal job and doing music for fun.
Your influences?
trivium, machine head, killswitch engage, slipknot, korn, periphery, chevelle, ...
Favorite spot?
so far it´s lagos, portugal
Equipment used:
guitars: schecter c-7 blackjack atx, ibanez s320 with seymour duncan invader
bass: yamaha rbx 375
amb: line6 pod x3 live
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