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With new album, 'All About Me' presently in production, singer and songwriter Ed James is seeking to trump previous efforts 'Ed James' and 'Studio Breakdown' by creating his own unique British interpretation of the urban genre. Having co-written the entire album with various US and UK producers such as Delinquent, Dezz Jones and Amare, Ed is keen for people to hear how much his sound has progressed since 2007's Studio Breakdown; "Things have really moved on since the last album; the sound, the lyrics, the composition. Everything has really matured and become a lot more polished."

Following earlier efforts ‘The Home Truths’ and ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ it was possibly the self titled album ‘Ed James’ that saw Ed’s first real foray into full professional production. Having previously recorded on very basic equipment in his bedroom, this album saw the introduction of a higher standard of sound quality and is the point at which Ed believes his career started to turn and improve most rapidly. The 12 track album included tracks such as ‘Our Reality’, a complete reworking of an original on ‘One Step Forward...’ by Andy Whitmore of Grey Stoke Productions and the duelling tracks ‘Before Me’ and ‘After You’.

His fourth album, ‘Studio Breakdown’ was named following the loss of Ed’s home studio. Having worn out his equipment, Ed found himself unable to record any more music until he could replace the old setup. Fortunately, with the money he had earned from his previous album, he did better than replace it and fully upgraded his entire setup, yet again massively increasingly his sound quality. Whilst the last album had seen his quality improve dramatically, Ed credits ‘Studio Breakdown’ as the breakthrough in his songwriting ability. He fondly remembers writing anything from 5-10 tracks a month, and when it came to releasing the album for download in late 2007, he had as many as 40 songs to narrow down to a single 15-track CD. Having made the cut, the final version included arguably Ed’s greatest track to date; ‘When You Call’. The response to the track was overwhelming with radio play across the UK and any number of up and coming producers remixing the vocal, most notably two step maestro Dezz Jones and Swansea Bassline Alliance member DJ Alistar. The track was also picked up and released by DJ Greg P’s own Ultra Kutz records and received over one million internet plays and downloads. Following the success of the track, Ultra Kutz also went on to release various remixes of ‘Whatchu Expect?’, ‘Eyes off Me’ and ‘Is It Just Too Late For That?’, which received similar radio play from top garage DJ’s EZ, Richie Vibe Vee and DJ Q.

Following the underground success of these tracks, Ed began getting approached with regards writing and collaborating with other artists. US super-producer Wyshmaster approached Ed to collaborate on ‘We Supply It’ for the soundtrack of Midway game NARC with 3rd Infintry in addition to a collaboration with Jelly Joe on ‘Let’s Roll’. This then led to a series of underground collaborations: ‘Baby Girl’ and ‘I Miss You’ with Interscope’s Young Ras, ‘Dream On’ with US rapper Cassius and Ras Kwame favourite ‘Escape With Words’ with Essex’s own Blinks. Ed went on to write several tracks for Forget About It Records’ R’N’B diva J-Dia’s debut album featuring D-Block’s styles P. His career has been full of exciting opportunities, none more so that a brief stint living in the United States working for Cleveland based independant record label MoneyTree Records. During this period, Ed was fortunate enough to work on 'Trippin' and 'Whatchu Wanna Do?" with multi platinum award winning producer Michael Siefert who is credited for work with Tori Amos, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Regina Spektor.

Ed's latest track, 'Get Em Off' is a bass thumping club filler and was produced by latest collaborator So Fine Productions featuring rap vocals from underground veteran Point Game. The song has also been remixed by regular contributor JD Beatz and is due for imminent release with UK garage label Imploded Records. This comes hot off the heels of Radio 1Xtra 2-step garage favourite, 'You Got It', co-written by James Honeysett (JD Beatz). Almost unimaginably, the original was later improved upon with a hard hitting bassline remix by Godfather's of UK garage Delinquent contributing two mixes (alongside a further two mixes from Scott Tonic) to a five track release under Swansea-based garage label Ultra Kutz Records. 2008 was a big year for Ed with old favourite 'When You Call' still receiving radio play, alongside a fresh bassline mix from JD Beatz, and the release of 2-step hook-fest 'Meant To Be' by Michael Dodman's Slice of Ice Records (with mixes from Dezz Jones, Fergie and JD and Jon Buccieri). 2009 promises to be an even bigger year with the release of ‘All About Me’

Why this name?
I basically just decided to drop my surname in favour of my first and middle names; so I guess my parents really chose the name.
Do you play live?
Definitely my favourite gig will always be my first at Escape nightclub in Swansea. Several of my friends made the journey with me and I had been close friends with a couple of the DJ's there for a long time so it was a great family atmosphere. The buzz when I got on the stage was amazing and the crowd were there 100% for the music - most people didn't stop dancing the whole night long. It was a really great experience that I hope I can revisit some time soon.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives people the opportunity to get their music heard, reviewed and appreciated by people they otherwise would be unable too. With modern Mp3 Download charts also, it can save artists vast amount of production costs selling their music to a new generation. Long gone are the days of vinyl, tapes and even cd's as the mp3 format becomes increasingly important in all artist's media presence.

My favourite thing about the internet though is the opportunity it gives you to build a proper fanbase and interact with them. There's no greater feeling than receiving emails and messages saying how much someone has enjoyed a song that you've done - it spurs you on to do more.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes - I think any artist who wouldn't is probably in the wrong industry. Independant labels also have a lot to offer, but ultimately you're at a much greater advantage if you have the full support of a large company with a huge amount of resource at their finger tips. That being said, sometimes being a big fish in a small pond can be just as beneficial.
Your influences?
Craig David, Justin Timberlake, Daniel Bedingfield, R Kelly, Blackstreet, Usher, Chris Brown, Mario, Ne-Yo.
Favorite spot?
Brighton, Croydon and Swansea
Equipment used:
A mini home studio setup with a full Art Pro Channel compressor, equalizer and microphone preamp, Delta 44 external four jack soundcard and a Audio Technica AT4040 audio compression micropone with SE Electronic Reflection Filter.
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