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Been writing songs since about 1990 after playing drums in local bands around newcastle upon tyne. Working in a recording gave me the chance to write my first song.

Live sounds for bands was another good introduction to gaetting things to sound how I wanted them to.

I had always dabbled my way threw guitar and later keyboards and bass(as slow as it is)
but with the wonders of the digital age you can record a cd from home and there's so much to use getting your head around it is another thing...........
so here goes..............
Why this name?
Being as it is all my own work..........Ghost(is like I'm doing it but it's not really played as a band) the march and 63 is my birth month and year.......

I wanted something personal to me that noone could use(fingers crossed)
Do you play live?
No longer play live .been there done that many moons ago drumming..........
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
very much so.......I think it's great for any band artist to promote themselves..........
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
the chances of that are very slim but it was a dream long ago...........
Band History:
Just happy to record when ever the moment takes me and working towards a finished product is always a long hard process but worth it in the end........
Your influences?
I hope I don't copy any of the bands as I like alot of varied stuff I love heavy fast aggressive metal but my songs are far removed from was never an intention to do a metal cd it was going to sound wherever it took me.............I'm happy with this result and the songs I have done until the new one's start to take shape........
Favorite spot?
Love Newcastle upon tyne I grew up there so many paople I know in bands real talented people same as the rest of the uk but it was my youth and my grounding for many years.......
Equipment used:
Line 6 Tone port for guitar
Cakewalk pro tracks version 4
Ez drummer
Sound forge
Ibanez guitar
senheizer microphones
Sir (convoloution reverb)
Anything else...?
Just let me know what you think...........thanks and best wishes.........
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