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Murderous Vision
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play hi-fi  Like Lambs to Slaughter (Live 12/21/02))
play hi-fi  Bodycount Rises (Live 6/10/00)
play hi-fi  End (Live 7/19/99)
play hi-fi  Cries Of Mankind (Live 7/23/05)
play hi-fi  Like Lambs to Slaughter (Live August 25th 2004)
play hi-fi  Live 12-31-03 Excerpt
play hi-fi  I Must Set This World Aflame
play hi-fi  The Beccini
play hi-fi  Vein
play hi-fi  Somnambulistic Ritual Worship
Murderous Vision is the work of Stephen Petrus.The sounds range from chilling dark ambient with Classical overtones to bludgeoning Power Electronics...
Band History:
Formed in 1994
Your influences?
Brighter Death Now
Raison Detre
Skinny Puppy
Ordo Rosarius Equlilibrio
Equipment used:
Korg Triton
MC303 Groovebox
Yamaha SU10
Roland Dr. Synth
Tascam 244
Sure sm57
Cool Edit 2.0
Enviromental Samples
Anything else...?
1996 ...lost CD (Live Bait Recording Foundation)
1996 Of The Underworld Cassette Single (Self Release)
1997 ...loathe CD (Live Bait Recording Foundation)
2000 Suffocate...the Final Breath CD (Twenty Sixth Circle)
2001 Beautiful Black World Split CD (with Acclimate)-(Live Bait Special Products)
2002 The Times Without Gods CD (Live Bait Recording Foundation)
2003 Blood Brain Barrier Split CD (with Kuru)-(Somnambulant Recordings)
2003 Burning The Promised Land 3" CD (Mouth Records)

Coming 2004!!!
Life's Blood Death's Embrace CD (Somnambulant Records)

Compilation Appearances
1998 "Painstakenly" Tape Heads Vol. 4 (Hal Tapes)
1998 "As Teeth Sink In" Baited Breath (Live Bait Recording Foundation)
2000 "Awaken Dommiel" Insights of the Profane (Makaru)
2000 "The Stopping Ground" Depth Of Beyond (Troniks)
2001 "To Summon The Stars" Chaos (Horus Cyclic Daemon)
2002 "Random Attack" Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill (L.White Records)
2002 "The Marching Things" The Outsider (Somnambulant Records)
2002 "Speak Their Names" Refuse To Conform (Dragon Flight)
2004 "Tiberius" 12 Caesars" (Somnambulant Records)