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Sheesh! Now THIS is a lesson in how the blues are played on guitar. It doesn't sound contrived or thought out. It sounds like it's all in the moment. As a guitarist of 30 years, I know how hard it is to achieve that, and it comes out in every one of these songs. Brilliantly done.
What's really right? The music is HOT. Hit up our artist Jux for a collab. To hear what he can do, go to our page and peep 'They Already Know PT. I' and download it if you like it. Hit us up ASAP. Learn Early, Die Late. SS711. Scream!
ooh, great guitar work man. dude. seriously. i'd love to see that in some dimlit bar
hi guitarboy

wish u happy new year
and more excellent guitars

Huntington Beach Babes Live, Great Tune!! Excellent 3 pc!
fantastic guitarwork!cool sound & hot licks
Season's Greetings Guitarboy Band,
Just enjoyed listen to some of your songs. I love the sound of that high energy guitar playing. Very cool! My favorite so far, is your bluesy "Two Tone Blue." I'll listen to more of your songs soon. Take a listen to my simple, guitar-vocal "On Blue Hill" and in the spirit of the season "Christmas."
Enjoy the music and all the best,
Charles Bosco
yo wazzzz up man
u earn hot votes
i'm here to let ya know as i got 2 tracks to download for free
vote and comment i'm watin for
Hi there
Very good guitarist. Love your style. Your band is great also and keep up the good work friend. Vote is HOT

You're killin' em online on the charts - keep making great music! If you get the chance, swing by my page - If you've got the time - I suggest checking out the Jack Kitty Radio episodes on my page - it's a great show!
loved the guitar work..well done
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